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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Wednesday 27th May 2020

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Hello everyone,

I'm noticing lots more posts recently about how fed up we are all with lockdown and all the challenges that covid19 has thrown our way. I'm not immune to those feelings either and the challenge gets tougher with each passing day.

Initially the fear of danger keeps us almost happily obeying the rules, but as we survive day to day the danger can appear to be less, even though that's not true.

So I started to look for quotations about endurance. I found that lots of them related to sport and training, but this one better sums up what I'm thinking.

"When everything goes wrong, what a joy to test your soul and see if it has endurance and courage. An invisible and all-powerful enemy seems to rush upon us to destroy us; but we are not destroyed."

-Nikos Kazantzakis- (Greek author, and writer of Zorba the Greek. Nobel Literature prize winner, 1883-1957)

I think that, like the gnarled old tree pictured, all we can do is dig our roots into the ground and show how resilient we human beings really can be in adversity. Trees can be uprooted but it takes an awfully big storm to do it. It doesn't mean we have to appear to be falsely cheerful when we feel down, but we can work to find our way back to true cheerfulness, as soon as we can. It's tough. We have to work on it! But we can do it!

Take care, and try to stay as positive as you can. ☀️🌈🙏

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I really like this quote. I try not to let stress and bad situations in but it’s an on going effort isn’t it and the more you practice the better at it you get 💚

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I love that. I am seeing people on the housing estate all around me going out in groups (families, i think) and there have been a couple of parties (there always are in the hot weather and long evenings, people haven't realised that parties are not safe places). I don't understand it myself, but I'm not having a go at anyone. I'm just keeping on doing what I have to do. It's challenging. I miss my mum.

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I think there's something wrong if you don't get times you feel fed up no matter what your circumstances are.

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I agree, we have to be determined to make things work. Life has up's and down's and our emotions are no different. We know to weather a storm because we know, without a shadow of a doubt, it will break and we can walk back out, into the sun. 😊🌸

What a wonderful quote. I don't think I can add anymore to what you have all written. Please try to stay positive but it's ok to have an off day. I do try to keep smiling 😊 but I do have down days too, I try to say to myself that there are plenty of people worse off than me. Take care and stay safe everyone. All my love to each and every one of you. Lynne ❤️🌈🤗💜xxxx

I try to have noble thoughts but it's hard going sometimes.

I think we have to think of people who are struggling with their problems and look at what we do have that is positive.

The first few weeks of lockdown was hard. Trying to access food and medicine. Eventually the wonderful volunteers in my town got into action and we have been looked after. Frustrating for me as I would have liked to be a volunteer.

For now happy to have a roof and food on the table but still cheesed off.

Just use good judgment on any outdoor activity that you do.

Also absolutely furious about recent events. Obviously we are not all in it together.

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That's how I feel thankful I have a home and any kind of food on the table but get episodes when I feel fed up and angry and also about recent events as well!

Im afraid all of us are living in fear of covid 19 -The disease has made its presence felt

However there are people who are still disobeying the rules -some whose families are visiting (more than one & not the same household) going to the beach - the list is endless

seems to me the more the government are telling us all we cant do xyz the more we do it

Yes good information thanks and endurance is indeed a key to all this - and like the end mile or so of a Marathon ( I hasten to add from the perspective of one who watches the London Marathon not runs it !!) is the hardest and takes firm endurance to get to the end result, but worth it, I hope our endurance in doing the right things currently gets us firmly to the end goal. I have been shielding since mid March and do despair at the sight of crowded beaches etc thinking it will get us back to square one with a second spike - and more shielding months after end of June - time will tell. Endurance I think is probably best done on a day to day basis.

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I know you feel like its not fair don't you when you see the crowded beaches.

I was glad last Saturday when it rained here in Cardiff as hardly anyone was outside like they were on ve day!

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Lynd in reply to Hidden

I am on a Falmouth website that sends beautiful photos of the area in full sunshine. Why do I torture myself. 😁

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Another good quote and so very true. The virus is invisible and a very powerful enemy. I would endure lockdown in order to beat this virus.

Unfortunately I'm hearing more and more about the people meeting up in crowds and they are doing it in the middle of my city. There were water rescues off Devon and Cornwall yesterday and there have been today even though we have been told not to go on or in the water. I know it's tempting particularly in this heat but it's not worth it.

Stay safe all and by following the guidelines we will get through this.


I think the worst for me (as I'm well used to social isolation, unfortunately) is not knowing if and when there will be an end. I am becoming increasingly concerned that there will not be a safe and reliable vaccine possible for this coronavirus. Apparently we have never been successful developing a vaccine for any coronavirus in the past. Safe and effective treatment may be closer, but still not within our reach. Added to that is the reality that older people, as I am, generally have a poorer ability to mount a strong enough immune response whether by catching the disease or through vaccination. This means that I may never be able to see my granddaughter again, she will grow up only seing my image on a screen. I may never see my daughter and her partner again. I may never be able to go to church or attend a class again. I may never be able to travel again.

I wish the authorities would start to talk about issues like this. We are not going to be able to return to our old ways of relating to one another for a very long time, maybe never. And do they have any suggestions about how we can deal with a neverending situation?

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Lynd in reply to HeronNS

Hopefully it won't come to that. We will have to work out strategies for seeing each other in the flesh. Stay hopeful x

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HeronNS in reply to Lynd

Usually I am hopeful,, but I really think the only way out of this is physical distancing so covid isn't transmitted, which means changing human behaviour universally for a number of weeks.....

Maybe my daughter and her family will find work near us and move back to our province. :)

Hi HeronNS, You say you may not be able to do all of those things, but conversely you may well be able to. You see you simply just don't know. It's not only coronavirus that's dangerous. Life itself is tenuous and, at any age, there is no certainty that we will get to do what we planned to do, so please don't think too negatively about what the future holds. Just as you say we may never have a vaccine, it's just as possible that we will.

I'd say, plan optimistically to see all your loved ones again, and, meantime, tell them at every possible opportunity that you do love them, just in case, but stop dwelling on thoughts of 'never ending situations'. Stay brave and stay safe. 🙏

Thank you for your cheering words. I am usually quite upbeat and just tick along. Not feeling well lately and after a while, as I know an awful lot of us on here know all too well, chronic pain wears a person down. I'm going to have a virtual appoinment with my physiotherapist on Saturday so hopefully will get some exercises which will help. If the little granddaughter were older it would be easier because we could relate properly through the internet, but she's only ten months old, and we haven't seen her since before Christmas. We are missing moments that will never come again.

Hi HeronNS, These feelings do happen to most of us from time to time and I think it must be extra frustrating to not have cuddles with a new baby in the family. And I do know how that feels, as long ago when my own were tiny, I lived on the other side of the world to my mum. So she missed out on all those milestone moments and I felt for her.

Pain’s debilitating too and definitely gets you down so I hope you’ll get some relief through your physio therapy.

I’m so glad you’re feeling a wee bit better this morning. Sometimes a good old moan or rant is the best medicine. What matters is getting back on the horse again and plodding on, after we’re fallen off! Have a good day and stay brave and well.🙏🌸🌈

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