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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Friday, 2nd April 2020

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Good morning everyone,

Last night many of us will have shown our gratitude to the NHS (and hopefully to all people who continue to work to keep essential services running for the rest of us), with the 8pm collective applause. And it’s a lovely thing to show our support in that way. I’m sure It’s extra necessary to show right now, but we should always remember to be grateful to all who help us, even in more normal times.

With that in mind, I have chosen gratitude for the subject of my quotations today.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them” - John F Kennedy -

I felt that the 8pm applause in my own area might have been better supported than it was, so I’m adding a second quotation in consideration of that too. I felt disappointed that so few people who probably are grateful, didn’t take the time to show it. So I’ve added a second quotation today, too.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” - William Arthur Ward -

Often we do only remember to be grateful in times of crisis, but the ideal is to live in gratitude to all of those who support our daily lives, all of the time.

I hope that you are all continuing to stay safe, and remain well, and let’s all continue to support each other and remain grateful to those to whom we owe so much.

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Thank you I try and be grateful everyday but like everyone daily life sometimes interferes so thank you for the reminder god bless

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JFK that quote is brilliant and he really lived what he believed..👍👍

I totally agree, expressing gratitude is such a mutually beneficial thing too. Meditating on things to be grateful for even in the toughest times can sort of bring a sense of balance to self. I love the quote by Ward. It’s so true🙏😌

Hello good morning Callendersgal

At the moment I seem to like the peace and quiet, as long as I keep busy and with my Wife and Pax I seem to be quite calm.

The problem however I have are the number of people who are suffering from this Virus, Also people who have families at home and the situation is stressful because they are not used to the long term of being together for the long term

Anxiety is also a problem, we do not know what is going on outside, here in the UK we never see anyone walking around for walks etc and we wonder how they are all feeling as well especially when most of the Village is in lock down. We have only twenty six houses here and we have no shops where we can shop and find out information.

It is also important if in lock down you can reach out when you need help. Here we have several groups that will pick up medications or pick up Shopping, we are managing getting food sent to us on home delivery, however these various help groups can shop, pick up shopping and deliver it to the front door. Asda does home deliveries and also Click and Collect where someone can pick up peoples shopping at the supermarket and deliver it to your Home.

Doctors Surgeries are in some places doing telephone consultations and are generally able to refer you for help if required


Hi Bob, yes, so many, (often unpleasant), rules to get used to. It can make it very difficult to try to stay positive at this difficult time.

I'm glad to hear that you and Pat are, in the main, coping fairly well with all the challenges.

It's very worrying trying to stay safe and well, and quite naturally, although we do need to know about the number of people who've contracted COVID-19, it can cause great worry too. I think it's important to acknowledge that this is a serious, and growing problem, but it sounds much more worrying when you don't weigh the totals of affected people against other statistics. Like the fact that the total UK population is currently around 66,87 million.

When feeling scared or despondent, it's great if you can manage to just try to set down your negative thoughts, and turn them to something positive.

That's where this community can help, and I hope you are finding it useful for you both to stay in touch with others, especially those of us who are in quarantine or locked-down at home, which is most of us now.

It's so encouraging to hear that you can reach out to others locally and obtain help.

Lovely to read your post, and I hope that you'll both stay safe and well, and that you'll use this community to help you stay as buoyant as you can.

Very best wishes. 🙏

It saddens me, as a Military Veteran to note that we in the Uk only seem to remember all of out Armed forces on Remembarance Sunday, for all those who have died in conflict, and on Armed Forces Day, for those now serving Queen and Country..... and Veterans barely get a mention at all.

Whereas in the USA, Australia and New Zealand...... they look after their Veterans, but here in the Uk, we have to rely on Military Charities.

Sorry for my rant..... hoping you all take care and stay safe! 😀🌈

Oh I so agree Veteran250. I spent a lot of years as an army wife, and when my (then) husband left the Service, it was with the attitude of "Oh thanks for that. Off you go now". And we didn't then even have an Armed Forces day. When I look around at the number of ex-service personnel suffering ongoing problems from the conflicts they so bravely fought in, and finding themselves homeless and friendless, it makes my blood boil. It seems that little has changed.

As you say, in other countries, ex-service personnel are truly appreciated and helped much more.

Evenso my lovely, were I able, I would serve in the Royal Air Force again, and proud to do so.... but sadly they dont take 76 year olds! 😀🌈

I understand Veteran250. The discipline and pride and sense of duty to your country never really goes away does it? I always think the lucky ones are the Chelsea pensioners. They get to keep all the desirable elements of the service they gave, including that unique camaraderie you don’t feel outside of service life. 👍👍

There is no RAF Association in my area, but the Royal Engineers Association invited me to join them, I have been joining them for their monthly meeting, and still going on parade whenever the chance arises.

I still like to march behind a Military Band, albeit in my electric powerchair. 😀

Thats good news Veteran250, I think it's important to your wellbeing to be able to stay in touch with something which was a big part of your life for so long.

As said previously, my first husband was in the Army but there was an occasion once whilst living in Norfolk when the Royal Air Force made us very welcome at their Mess as we had no army bases nearby. And that's the lovely thing about the Services. They may traditionally have their rivalries, but all feel comfortable together when the need arises. 😊

Military comrardery is second to none! 😀

It is Don, and it's only a pity it can't be somehow carried through into civilian life in more ways. Things like The British Legion are great, but too many ex-servicemen are slipping through the net and ending up with severe mental health problems and abandoned on the streets. So sad and it just shouldn't be possible for it to happen, in my opinion. 🙏

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