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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Friday 29th May 2020

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Good morning everyone,

When researching for today's quotation inspiration I came across this, from Winston Churchill.

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

I doubt that any one of us intended to write history, and certainly not the history of such a disaster, but here we are in the middle of doing it!

We still refer back to the 1918 flu pandemic and there's absolutely no doubt that in 100 years' time and more, Covid-19 will still be discussed and hopefully long before then, it will be a defunct virus, destroyed or controlled by science.

This has been very tough to live through, and we just don't know for how long it will menace us, but I'm pretty certain that history will be kind to us too. Not only the much maligned politicians who had to make the decisions, good and bad, but the ordinary people who have borne so much with so much fortitude.

So here's a toast to all of us, for being unlucky enough to have to go through this, but to go through it with dignity and hope.

Have a happy day everyone and keep on staying strong! 🙏

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Thanks so much for your post

Call 😊I’m writing/ diary- to my soulmate John who died last year. He’s inspired me to do this because he recorded his days from age 17yrs the way he recorded us “getting to know each other “. Also nights out conflicts of faith-resolved, and so much more for me to share and read and re read 😊💕🌈

So, maybe my words will be still around in 100yrs?????

I’m hoping that I am not going on too much- it’s a sign of the Covid19 times 😊💕🌈 Take care

Who knows Sunfloweronline? There's every possibility that yours will be the journal pondered over in 100 years' time. I think you are amazing to be writing it down. I felt I should be, but for some reason, although I normall am a diarist, I really couldn't make myself record any of it.

If my kids print my journal when im gone I will come back and haunt...

in reply to jackiesj

😂🤣that's great!! Xxcc

Very well put again Callendersgal. I just hope that with the NHS debt written off we can get our local hospitals back to where they should be properly staffed and opening parts of the hospital's that were shut down and people having to travel for care that should be on their own doorstep. x

This is a great post. I like Churchill sayings. He makes me laugh. I’ve got a book with them in.

His secretary said to him if you were my husband I’d poison you and he replied if I was your husband I’d drink it 😊

He had a razor-sharp wit didn't he Agoodenough. A sharp answer for everything!

Yes, your post made me ponder a bit on our past history. Of course, this period of time will also form a part of history in the future. Makes you realise how much has changed over the years. When man landed on the moon it happened in the 1960 s so is part of my generation and my history. It can be mind boggling sometimes.

This awful virus will certainly be discussed in years to come just like the 1918 Spanish Flu. What I'm grateful for is now we have the technology to keep in touch with loved ones and friends.

I feel good will come out of bad and I'm sure it'll have something to do with being kinder to the planet.

Thank you for sharing.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia 🌈🙏

Its a good quote

Stay safe everyone

Yes, a very good quote, thank you. How are you feeling tonight? I do think we are very lucky with the technology we have but I stay can't wait to hug everyone again!! I've warned our sons and their girlfriends plus hubby that they will be getting the biggest hugs ever!! Poor hubby is in the spare room as he is a key worker and is very worried about passing it on to me. All my love Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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