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Today's walk/jog

I was in the queue at 07:30 at my local supermarket this morning for my weekly shop, I like to get there before it opens as I can get in and out quicker and I'm not hanging around outside waiting for people to finish their shopping.

I got back home, put my sourdough in the oven and washed the floors whilst it was raining outside. Once the rain had stopped I decided to get out before any more rain, thankfully it's been dry ever since and in fact been a lovely late morning/afternoon.

I hope you like the photos.

I walked 23037 steps today which I was happy with. Back out on the bike tomorrow along the lovely country road.

Have a lovely evening all.

Alicia :)

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Wow you live in a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your morning with us

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Aww thank you, I do love where I live, so fortunate.😊🙏🌈

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Lovely. P!ease may I have some of your rain as my garden is like concrete, we haven't had a drop.

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Thank you. The rain didn't last long. We had a wet day a few days ago but to be honest we haven't had that much.

I love this fine weather but the gardens do need rain.

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Your pictures are always so lovely and the carpet of bluebells is beautiful. xx

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Thank you Bobby, I do love this time of year with the bluebells.🌈🍀🌻xx

What idyllic pictures Alicia. Great idea to be up and ready to get into that supermarket for your shopping! It sounds like you had a really productive day today too. The sourdough looks amazing. Enjoy your evening too! 🌈🌺

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Thank you. It was a productive day and it's been a hot late morning/afternoon.

Thank you and I do love sourdough and it's only flour and water and nothing else.😊🌈🙏

It was a bit of a busy day I like days like that. Hubby's been amazing with doing DIY, he likes it I don't😂

Bluebells are amazing and yes the countryside around us is varied.

Thank you and you enjoy the rest of your evening.😊🌈🍀🙏

Where do you live?mid Wales, breathtaking.

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I live in the South Hams in Devon, the rolling hills if Devon. Thank you and I do love it.🙏😊🌈☀️

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MidoriVisually impaired

Gosh Alicia, I really wish I were that organised!

Cheers, Midori

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Friday's is a regular shopping day at present with this going on.

The walk/jog was really lovely, it'll be good when we can have picnics again.

Devon is humangous. our friend Joe lives in Newton Abbot. What beautiful place to live.Rolling hills. I don't drive but my late hubby almost tore off the handbrake as once rolled backwards, waiting on a side road, his foot slipped of the clutch...I live in Liverpool, flatLiverfpool, no 4 gear is used in a multistory car park:)they were originally from the nw, but Kathy his late wife and Joe technically speaking fled there and Joe wld NEVER GO anywhere else, veg grows....nothing like north, swe grow all sorts, went to visit him by car and managed a logt to see, Dartmoor, museum...foG one can cut through.Paignto n.we slept in Torqy, ALMOST LIKE TURKEY:) BREATHTAKING.i WAS SO CHARMED, thinking in Italy....

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Its beautiful around Newton Abbot and there are some footpaths around there I want to try out so that's what we'll be doing when lockdown has finished and when we are allowed to travel.

That must have been scary when that happened.

I have to say I do like the NW, I'm thinking of the Lake District, I call it my second home. There are a lot of Northerners in my family, my late dad was from Durham.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Devon, it really is beautiful.

Hope you've had a good day so far.

Alicia 😊🌈🙏

These pictures are absolutely beautiful, especially as a collage of pictures.

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Thank you, so lovely of you to say.🙏

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