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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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So what are you doing with your 'bonus time'?

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For many who are used to commuting in heavy traffic for sometimes too long a drive each way, let's assume a fairly common 45 stress-filled drive minutes twice a day (= 1-1/2 hours) and the related expense of gas, tolls and wear and tear on the car, now working from home - or unemployed/furloughed at home - what are you doing with that extra daily gift of 90 minutes to your day? (besides worrying and watching the TV news)

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As for me, this is now a great time to write or call to that distant friend, catching up on that wishful reading pile of really good books that I didn't have itme for, just quiet time to chat about heartfelt things with my soul-mate, Pam, time to pray and support causes with my time and talents - being very busy sure beats sitting and feeling lost in this trying time.

Hi GleasonJim,

I don't think it matters whether you have gained time from not commuting, it's about what you do with with your whole day, and it sounds as though you are using your days productively and positively. And that can only be a good thing. I try to put worry at the bottom of my list of things to do. It changes and achieves absolutely nothing. You are very lucky to have your soul-mate to share your time. That's a great blessing. I guess being busy is one of the best things too, so long as you don't end up chasing things to do to block out all thought and forget to just relax once in a while.

But you seem to be doing really well, and getting your day balanced excellently. Good to hear. Take care both of you. 🙏

Totally agree with your opening comment (and rest too). Thanks for commenting.

Sounds like a good plan ,

I loved the Peanuts cartoon, it is lopsided isn't it, Yes I live every day, except when I am in one of my Clinical Depressions - Yuk! Now I am self isolated, I am retired so do not have to battle the traffic, I have regained my health, I am working on my deck, have cleaned out pots, and planted seeds and flowers, my Toms. are already up and some of my herbs...My bonus times comes in I do not go to the library where I do volunteer work, so I am spending the time on myself. Don't get me wrong I love my volunteer work, I love books and they are lovely ladies I work with, I miss that, but know it will end one day. I am trying to stay up to date with my emails, they seem to pile up on me. I have lots of books to read, so am doing that, and some small jobs around the house that needed to be done.

Treating myself to some neglected facials and giving myself some skin loving care. All this fills my day. I am not much of a TV person, so either try to find something worth watching or read. Now the weather is warming up, I hope to get in my garage and throw stuff away or donate anything worth having. So yes I keep busy, am happy from dawn to dusk, not afraid of the times we are living in, I think we will get thru it, as long as we ALL pull together, I mean all of us on the face of this beautiful earth. I send you good health, peace, love n hugs....Sprinkle 1.....Oh, I do not watch news on TV, get my info. from CDC & WHO. And I worry about Nothing, I learnt to give up worry 30 years ago, and to live in the moment.I would put a smiley face on here but my computer won't let me. :-) :-)

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GleasonJim in reply to Sprinkle1

Well despite what you said, there are two smiley face emogies at the end of your thoughtful message. Thanks for sharing. Youo seem to be doing it all right, so keep it up and enjoy that gardening and fresh air.

I'm using the extra time to do things I enjoy, done a fair bit of baking and dusted off my camera and been doing macro photography and taking pics of the flowers in our garden. Lucky enough to be working from home yet enjoying the extra time. Was frustrated the first week I found out I had to shield and not leave the house as had just found a lovely walk near our house yet making the most of it now by doing things I enjoy.

Nice find, good for you to use that trail for daily walking. It's going to hit 73 degrees here in New Jersey today, perfect Spring weather to do that.

I'm not allowed to go for daily walks which is what makes it frustrating as I found the walk the day before GP told me yet oh well making the best of the situation. The warmer weather does help though.

But can't you go for a walk as long as you do it alone, not coming in contact with others? While it may be overly restrictive in some places, and I'm not advocating ignoring the safety rules they are putting in place to protect us, others find that they can still go for that quiet salone walk and abide by the rules. Maybe you could check and see if that's allowed if you do it solo?

Nope not allowed. The NHS have classified a group of 1.5 million people who fall into a group that is extremely vulnerable if they where to catch it so to prevent that those in the group have been told not to leave the house. Being in my back garden is okay yet the idea is that even a solo walk if I touched a fence post or opened a gate that someone touched who has it I could catch it and it's difficult to make sure you dont come in any contact with anyone else. I know it's for my own safety so will be a good boy and do as told. Had a scare last week where GP thought I might have it and that was scary so just doing what I must to keep safe.

I understand. Better safe than sorry. Good for you!

its the same with me

I am finding so much to do that I don't think I will ever be bored.

I am reading all the books I have had waiting to be read for years, watching DVD's that I either haven't seen before or would like to see again, sitting out in the garden if the weather is suitable, doing all the crafts that are half done, making lots of greeting cards (I am so glad that I have so much crafting stuff already), sorting out photos, putting them into albums and decorating the pages, spending lots of time on Facebook talking to friends and going onto the groups I have jointed on there.

I have lots of little jobs to do as well so there is plenty to keep me going. When my son is available we do some karaoke together or play some games (we have a cupboard full of them). If I get tired of these things then maybe I will start writing a book about my life which I have been saying I would do for many years now.

Yes, it is sad that I can't go outside of the house or garden or have visitors and have had to cancel holidays and that all the theatres and cinemas are closed, but I realise that it is for the best and there are other things that I can do instead.

I've always felt that 'boredom is a choice' and I choose not to be bored. Glad to hear you too are making that choice and working with the options you have, especially those that have been long time pending to be done, or playing with your son! As for being locked in the house, I think that gardening is still OK given you don't have anyone around you while doing that.

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wiserlady in reply to GleasonJim

It is a state of mind? If yo usit around with a long face you are bored. If you get busy or think outside the box you are not.

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GleasonJim in reply to wiserlady

Amen to that!

I agree with you and that there is always plenty to do and there is no need for anyone to be bored. Yes gardening would be alright, but not for me though as it is all I can do to stand and walk, let alone do gardening. My husband hates gardening and so our garden is just kept neat and that is all.

Me too (painful to garden, so my wife does that and I enjoy the beauty that results. As for me, I just buy a pot of growing flowers (I gave her a pot of 6 bright yellow tulips last week and they are still giving us enjoyment as they are coming to their end in a few more days, then she will add them to her garden to flower again in the Springs to come (I counted 14 beautiful daffodils under our bedroom window from prior years - awesome beauty to brighten the morning when we raise that blind). Thanks for sharing.

While a new camera would be fun (esp with that stimulus payment coming out tomorrow), , don't underestimate a really good 11 years old one (unless it means you need film vs. digital - can we still get film developed somewhere?) Some beautiful pics just waiting for you in your local woodland. Go enjoy and share some pics here later). Thanks for commenting.

GO for it!! And enjoy - can't wait to see your pictures if you share them here (have to open a new post to add photo, no way to put a photo in these REPLY posts)

Nice picture! Thanks for that hint on how to offer a photo in a REPLY - it worked fine. Exciting waiting for that new camera. I did look on Amazon to see what you ought: "Nice!" Enjoy it in good health.

Am not having bonus time. I still work in my office at home full time. And thankfully in a way others are not so I get more time to speak to them now than I did before, which is a good thing.

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GleasonJim in reply to wiserlady

Nice way to see the positive side of things. Good for you. I'm sure those clients you are talking with apreciate your taking that time with them as they are isolated. Keep up the good work.

Don't have extra time. Self employed and working from my office in my house. And got more clients than ever now.

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GleasonJim in reply to wiserlady

That's great!

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wiserlady in reply to GleasonJim

not sure it's great. it can get boring if you get lots of clients with similar questions and problems all day - and you cant dictate to them what their questions are or check them out first - during the winter its great becuase i cant go in the garden, during the summer id rather be out there

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