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How do you cut your chips up

When I’m making chips from potatoes I cut them so that they all have to be a uniform size,it drives me nuts to see fat chips/ skinny chips all cooking at the same time,my family think it’s so funny but I can’t help it and my home made chips are legendary lol.cut and peeled (uniformly) then soaked in cold salted water,at least 30 mins, then drained and rinsed to get rid of the starch,dried then dropped into hot oil or nowadays cooked in the air fryer,they are just yum.

How do you do your chips.?

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You're right about them needing to be the same thickness so they'll all cook evenly together. I must confess to being a bit worried that you make them all the same length too. Please reassure me..... 😆🌸

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Sorry Marnie but I do lol too much time on my hands 😅

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Oh no! My heart goes out to you............ LOL! ☺🌸

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You are seriously making me hungry! 😁😁😁 Xxx

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🤣so sorry I’m sending you a virtual plate of soup and a Cadbury’s choc bar for after ok lol.I’m in deep thought now .

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That's lovely but I neeeeed those chips too!😁

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The best chips in the world to do that with are Cyprus potatoes ,they are just brilliant,messy because of the red soil but worth it xx

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I like Cyprus ones too, quite versatile. If it weren't for lock down I think a lot if you would be turning up on your doorstep at this rate, for a jolly good feed!😁

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I know Niao I so miss feeding up all my grandchildren they don't get proper homemade cooked food at home and I’m so lonely all I do is cook and eat,thank god I have my cats and f course hubby lol,note the order there 🤣🤣I’ll get shot if he sees this x

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😁I very much did note the order! Just as it should be! Only kidding!😆 I bet they're really missing that too! Hopefully not for too much longer! I feel for you, we have our son still living at home, and I don't have any grandkiddies as yet to be missing . It must be really tough! Xxx

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Yes it is I have 6 grandaughter girls and I now have a great grandaughter another girl lol,they’re all delicious I saw them at the weekend ,just from the driveway ,but it’s very strained I just want them all to jump my bones lol.

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Sorry again, I'm not sure I'm getting all my notifications?! I've just checked email ones and saw this. That is lovely! I can't wait too, on your behalf, for you all to be able to really embrace properly! 😊 Xxx

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Ty so much that’s lovely x

I don’t cut up chips, my hands are not up to it. But I do buy sweet potato chips, which are really yummy .

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Sorry Rosepetal60 if I could cut them for you I would.I have a problem with my right index finger and sometimes I can’t even hold a cup so you do have my sympathy and good to know you improvise.xx

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Thank you, Daisydot1 (lovely name, easy to remember) I also know that sweet 🍠 potato is better for me than the standard potato.

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That was my wee doggy’s name I so miss her.ty xxYes I think it’s healthier if you have auto immune diseases.I just can’t resist my chips lol and they must have hymalayan pink salt on them too or sea salt, ,much healthier than bleached white salt and much tastier.

😃 Well I'm the very opposite of you Daisydot1. When I want chips I want them now, and I take the fastest route to get them. (Sometimes that's the route to the fish and chip shop!) I try to make them roughly of the same thickness, but I don't mind at all if they are of differing lengths and a bit rustic, so long as they all cook through at the same time. But I do love to see a perfectly trimmed stack of neat chips when I'm eating out! 👍

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We have recently moved to a temporary area and it has the best Italian chippie ever,every week we order our fish and chips and our pokey hats ( ice cream cornets) for afters go and sit on a bench,eat our chipies then go back and collect our ice cream,it’s such a treat such naughty pensioners aren’t we lol

yummy 😋

I don't make chips any more. When I did years ago, I would just cut the potatoes up with a knife. I tried to get them the same width as far as I could.

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I will even cut them on the diagonal just to get the shape I want it’s ridiculous isn’t it lol.I’m just laughing to myself here,I have 4 house cats and I cut their nails at home to avoid the stress of the vets for them,when I do them they are so uniform it looks like they’ve had the perfect wee manicure lol that’s just sad isn’t it.I’m not like that with everything it must be a flaw I have x

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Good job they tolerate it. My rabbits claws desperately need doing but he doesn't like being held so I'd never be able to get near his feet.And the vets only doing emergencies at the moment 🙄🐰

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Yes I know what you mean it takes two of us to hold them so I can do them but sometimes maybe with one of them I have to just nip off the length one at a time,it could be days before I get most of the front ones done depending on his or hers mood lol.It’s not a bad way to do it though,when they are quiet or asleep just nip off whichever one you can get to without stressing’s better than nothing and although my vets are good it’s still stressful for this lot.x

Fat, thin, long, short, saggy, I don't care. So long they nice when enter the mouth. You are so neat... I can never make 🍟 for you😁😁

I’m not keen on sweet potatoes but I will try them as chips ty x

Sounds yummy indeed Daisy!

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