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Coast,countryside or city..whats your to go too.?

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Although i live on the coast in quite a remote but beautiful area,i actually love a bit of city life too,and i just wish i had shops within walking distance.

I have to admit i hav'nt been to the Bay just a 2 minute walk away from me, for at least 4 years for a variety of reasons,I love the view from my home very much,watching ships and boats going by, and i feel fortunate to live here,but as far as sitting on a beach all day in the sun ,no,not for me,i would be bored to tears,i like to keep exploring ,whether its in country or town,and i used to walk the coastal path near me every single day,and it would do me good to get back doing it again...i walked for miles.

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Maybe you could begin with a short walk and gradually increase it. It would be good to make the most of the lovely coastal path and scenery. I used to walk the coastal path in Cornwall and wish I could still do it. 🙂👍

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Coast for me every time. I live in a small town. I just love to be near the sea and breathe in the sea air. I particularly like the North Norfolk and Suffolk ( round Southwold and further south )coasts and they're easy to get to from where I live.I also love the Amalfi coast in Italy.Like you,I'm not one for sitting sunbathing though. I too prefer to explore😁🐰

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I walk my dog on the beach 2miles away almost every day. I drive there. Now that restrictions have eased though the beach is getting busier. I love when it's quiet.I too would be bored just sitting on a beach.

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Before becoming disabled, we had our annual summer holiday in North Cornwall.... I have walked up onto the moors to a Rocky outcrop called Rough Tore(Pronounced Roo Tore) and walking some of the coastal footpath from Boscastle to Polzeath beach So much enjoyment, but sadly will not happen again.

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Me too Don, we used to go on walking holidays but no more, we have lovely memories though dont we 👍😘

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So when are you going to start again then secrets? 😂😂

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well....I have started going for walks with a neighbour,and we will i am sure do it more often.

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That's great and no doubt the scenery is lovely. x

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You are lucky to have the company. I would sometimes go with my sister who lives just above the beach, but unfortunately less so now that she is back at work

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I'd rather stay in a town /city as I don't like sitting on a beach all day, and I get Hay fever so countryside not good, but staying in a town or city I could do a day trip to beach and/countryside 😎🥀🌻🌷

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The area that you live in sounds idyllic! Coast for me also. I love the sea air and, if there is a coastal path, I am in heaven!

I don't sit on the beach either, I love to explore and just experience the freedom and sea breeze.

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Hi! Defo countryside! Not dirty, claustrophobic cities that's for sure!! Coast is lovely too, but often windy, which doesn't suit me!! I can always visit, I am only 40 mins away from Sussex coast so very lucky :) xx Get your walking boots on Roddy, summer is close by, so walking all the more enjoyable :) xx

I like a bit of both Roddy, but I've found in latter years that I do prefer living in the city. I'm in Southampton, the second biggest container port in UK, and whenever we pass in the car I find the sight of that powerhouse, with all the things we depend on, shipping in and out constantly, a huge thrill. I always get the same feeling when living near an airport and watching enormous planes lifting up into the sky. And I love that my city has wonderful green spaces within it which I can retreat too. But it's all always accompanied by a distant hum of traffic. Which is where the countryside comes in. I like to retreat there for short periods. I really appreciate the quiet, the birdsong and the greenery and I especially love the Cotswolds where I partially grew up. I'm sure you can and will return to walking once again. Maybe not as far or as fast, but if you start with just the first step, which is all the longest journey begins with, you can enjoy this again in one way or another! 🙏

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Well,much the same here as i see these huge container ships passing my window on their way to Portbury Docks,and i am fascinated by where they have come from across the seas.I'm not really to close to the Bristol airport but i love to see all the aircraft toing and froing ,but its good to now see a bit more movement there,as it was dead for over a year.Oh the Cotswolds,what heavenly places there are there.x

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