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What do you think of Climate Change?

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I am working on Climate Change and since it makes each of us anxious about our future, I want you people to share if you have any anxieties or concerns about it. If you have ideas about what can be done, I will take them into account.

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Energy efficiency so less CO2 and planting trees instead jungles chopped down for farms Less cars vehicles planes etc

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Agreed! Increased efficiency also need investment in resarch for finding these efficient solutions and hopefully we see that. Indeed! there are lot of issues, and damage to the biodiversity and ecosystem, most depleting one. Increased pace and less cars and plans, somewhere we will have to find a middle ground or some solution through tech.

Thank you for mentioning all of these points. Acknowledged.☺️☺️

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Maybe you have already thought of these things and I am simply preaching to the choir. Just my two cents worth. I hope you get lots of workable ideas.

I like the idea of transitioning to greener/renewable energy and creating new jobs as a result. Those in older energy industries can be retrained.

I also like more efficient and useably friendly public transportation running on renewable energy.

I think developing more efficient solar panels using plentiful, less environmentally compromising, components and resources as well as batteries is a good idea.

Mandates are unpopular but might be necessary such as for vehicle mileage and greener building standards.

What about solar panels and batteries as a requirement for new construction and remodels where appropriate?

Some areas are building small community power stations fed by solar from the neighboring buildings.

Backed by traditional power companies as a way for revenue and reducing fire starting concerns like we have in California.

I think it is best to let the free market find the benefits of investing in climate change which, again also creates jobs. At the same time these industries are sometimes resistant to change unless they see a cost benefit.

Good luck with your project.

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Thank you so much for all these ideas. Agreed with most of them. Yes seeing green jobs as an opportunity from this change will be wonderful. Change in transportation is slowly happening also, it is one the biggest contributor to emissions, so it will have a big impact of we will do it properly. I agreed with, wherever possible going for solar panels in buildings, in our area also, there are plans for compulsory rain water harvesting structures in building, may be in future this could also be incorporated, everything though fails much at implementation. The idea of small community power stations is new for me, I will read more about it and how we can benefit from it. Yes, industries are a big role player in our fight for climate change, I don't know but somewhere we have to find a balance between immediate profit and long term losses , see they are happening now which often are not looked upon and industries can work towards more collaborative approach and it is not anti-competitive.

Wonderful conversation. Thank you!😃😃

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Hi, I cant begin to fell you how delighted I was to read your post that you are researching climate change. It is becoming very obvious that it is vital each country takes responsibility for the part each play in climate change. It is very worrying but fortunately many are taking it seriously. It is my hope that the new president of the USA will now be able to right the wrongs of the previous president and move forward and work with other countries to deal with this crisis before its too late.

Some of our members on the Forum have given you some good ideas . To get a clearer idea of how people feel about this subject why not put together a more detailed questionnaire. I, personally have a great interest in this subject and would love to hear more about your project. If I can help you in any way please let me know.


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Shivedita in reply to RoadRunner44

I am so delighted to read this and yes I too hope that the new president go for this very necessary change, USA is pivotal in the fight for Climate Change. Yes, I will prepare questionnaire for more detailed conversation and responses and will definitely keep you updated on whatever I am doing and will also ask for help wherever needed.

Thank you!😊😊

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Shivedita

Delighted to hear from you Shivedita. Keep up the good work.

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Apparently we are going to rejoin the Paris accord on the new president’s first day, just after the swearing in ceremony. Good news.

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Entire world is celebrating it! Yey!!!!😁😁

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There are two main questions:

How do we prevent or reverse global warming?

How do we adapt to a warmer planet?

A warmer planet is tough on polar bears... but it is not just a matter of us getting a Mediterranean climate in the UK.

Where will the Gulf Stream go?

I am 71 - so I do not expect to see Oranges growing in the UK!

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Shivedita in reply to S11m

Hehe! Yes it's about us all. You can trust the younger generation, we will save this planet or better say, we will save ourselves.

Thank you!☺️😃

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Cancel Diwali, Waste in energy with all those lights.... You asked.... And I never tell the juit...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 11/08/2020 7:46 PM EST

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Shivedita in reply to j-o-h-n

I will celebrate it with diyas which will not waste energy.😁😁 But yes, I never use crackers which are so common and polluting and even avoid extra lights on Diwali.

Thank you!😇

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Good idea about the diyas.... even a better idea... use the battery operated diyas... no waste of fuel or pollution.... Happy Diwali.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 11/09/2020 5:47 PM EST

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Shivedita in reply to j-o-h-n

I will calculate, which one is more ecological?😁😁

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j-o-h-n in reply to Shivedita

Easy calculation (no "charge" for both the computation and for the battery): Use the Energizer bunny ones....it keeps on going and going....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday11/10/2020 6:08 PM EST

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Diyas actually support the local artists and workers. Yes now there is an integration LED diya which is more ecomonical as well as ecological. There are some new technologies doing it without battery or plug also, I will have to read. But, yes thank you so much for these suggestions.

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I heard recently from XR on suggestions of covering large sections of the Sahara desert with solar panels, the amount of energy would be enormous and an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Seeing if it is feasible to reclaim a huge area of the Sahara and replenish it with organic crops, fruit trees, and grasses and other plants, not only more food but the greenery would also absorb more carbon.

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Shivedita in reply to rapture4u

Interesting! Will read more on it. Thank you!

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Hello, I am always behind on my emails, just read all of this one, such wonderful ideas, I am almost 79, grew up in UK, my parents always believed in ecology and taught my brother and I to love and respect the earth, carry in, carry out. i.e picnics. Replenish the earth in anyway we could. We collected horse manure from the delivery peoples carts, we Never wasted water or burned electricity unnecessarily. Now it is not that way - well we do not have horses to deliver grocery's, but I see people burning electricity and wasting water---Shame.......!!!As far as I can tell, if we do not radically change our ways, the human race is going the same way as all the animals we have annihilated.... I love Mother Earth, but not the so called human race that lives here........Andria.....

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Shivedita in reply to Sprinkle1

I am so delighted to read all this. We learn from you a lot. Don't say, you don't love human race. We will improve. :)

Thank you for sharing these words. I really appreciate them!


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