Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Well made it to Funky Friday.

Play every morning feel good music have a strut move that booty and hips, baby a go go lol..

Starts every day of the week.

Music types . Certain days so Monday Motown .

All my up beat songs have many .

Usually start off with Dancing in the Street Martha Reeves and The Vandellas.

On to Temptations Get Ready so on more Soul foot stompers and use this to motivate my Monday. All day Motown .

Through the week play Jazz Soul Northern Soul.

On evenings need to wind down play my chill out CD's.

Classical and instrumental or meditation ones.

I will on Weekend play bit of Opera my inner Italian starts.

In my whole being.

Saturday Night always a Northern Soul Part me and sad on my own my memories my flowery shirts.

Leather trousers like wearing a plastic bag shrinks when dancing well is that too much info

Used to be difficult going to the powder room but that is the point helps you remember .

Good times be here again and may new friends wishing hoping.

All music is memories did I ever tell you met and so so on we go. Music has the power to heal and give you something to focus on.

What is sad if I can add am going deaf due to addiction past histories health and memories dwindling forget so many things.

Forget words of familiar music could recall . Now missing the words have to be thinking but do not wish to go there.

Play the music thank you and hope every one takes some healing inspiration from these lines.

What do all of you play mornings or through the day.

Am an avid follower of Classic FM radio but since news and updates on COVID 19 no thank you.

So depressing news and media need sunshine if I have sunshine have the best start is that important to me it is.

After waking up prayers to my friends and those in my heart who no longer with me to make harmony and joy.

Please take care and each other.

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It depends on the mood I'm in really. My husband loves Motown.We have a wide music collection.I like theJam and Paul Weller- oh and Alice Cooper.I like 60s


I really miss going to gigs due to covid.

I cant really dance much now because of arthritis but I can still jiggle on the spot!

We have music on at home all day.

I love classical music to relax and I have classic fm on at night on my bedside radio as I dont sleep well.But like you-dont like all the news.

At the moment I really like Rachmaninovs 2nd piano concerto.

Leather trousers......yes too much info lol.

Keep the faith!

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MrRigatoni in reply to MadBunny

Hello thank you for reply just good to hear what you like.

Dancing toe tapping now Road runners on Junior Walker all Stars.

Motown have so many on CD at one time vinyl .

Lost the lot to pay off debts trying to find them all again CD.

If you husband looks on AMAZON company called ACE records produced lots of the singers singles that never made it.

According to what I know and hear read.

Very contentious subject .

Either going to the major stars or never released.

Worth looking out for these.

Marvin Gaye impressive covers of Its Not Unusual and Sunny really good.

Sorry about the leather trousers never worse than a gent showing off his short comings lol...

I have rarely now go out old days these 60's packages at local theatres and venues some bad awful old washed up 60's stars yesterday.

Not all at some places mentioned but some expected like me some sort of honesty not deceive and misled.

Went to see Bony M just him the main guy no ladies used to be in the group. Must be years and years .

Singing tape machine you could tell miming.

10CC went to see only one member of the original band unknowns and so it goes on and on.

Trying to be again something to reach for stardom, not good costly and expensive.

Add to that there are some out there still rocking and rolling Blackpool old days .

Meet some Northern Soul Stars sometimes Motown Ladies of various groups a good night and enjoyable.

Are you Soul Sister then mentioned the Keep the Faith ?

Just find the music uplifting.

Please take care.

Keep the Faith as well .

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MadBunny in reply to MrRigatoni

I know what you mean about the old 60s (and 70s)lot still trying to keep going!No way would I go to one of those gigs! And youre right there are some bands who dont even have any original members.

We saw PP Arnold a few years ago at a small venue in our town

She was still amazing!Now they only have really bad tribute bands there.

Im not really a soul sister but just like some of the music.As you say uplifting.

Thank you for the advice about Ace records.I will tell him.

Enjoy your music!

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MrRigatoni in reply to MadBunny

Hello thank you sorry used term soul sister when mentioned keep the faith.

Thought you were.

A different genre got in to was the Country scene a little while very much enjoyable these guys gals singing in pubs .

Wrote own songs and then met Eddie Rabbit trust me real name.

Singer songwriter from the States. As many of the Country stars are.

Wrote songs for Elvis Kentucky Rain and others .

Good songs most of them , still a soul brother sometimes if you seek and find can find these 80's soul acts in clubs and good to be there.

Wish well weekend

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MadBunny in reply to MrRigatoni

No need to say sorry☺

Enjoy your weekend too.

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I always exercise on a vibroplate in the morning [holding on of course!] to 1950's music .. it lasts for 10 minutes ... I just ask my google speaker to play from Spotify x

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MrRigatoni in reply to PatsyIpswich

Hello this is good what do you like Fifties ?

Play sometimes the songs before Rock and Roll Elvis.

Sort of innocent but at same time lots of references to intimacy .

Like Alma Cogan songs bouncy comedic and sweet twee sort of cheesy is that the words.

The best of Jazz and Swing from that period, like the song books of Ella Fitzgerald worth listening to.

Hope you enjoy your exercise.

I bought one of those bull worker devices to finally get fit, knackered could not open the box. lol..

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I'm going through my CDS at the moment and trying to get rid of anything that I don't play often.. I can't part with my Motown, Michael Buble, George Ezra and other sing a long music. Like Pop Opera and some classical but it's mainly anything I can sing along to! Sorry neighbours.

The one record that gets me going when I need help is AC/DC THUNDERSTRUCK.

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MrRigatoni in reply to Becksagogo

Hello feel for you I know have too many myself.

I bought a shelving unit clips together AMAZON.

CD's storage have them in sections make a plan each day as mentioned.

To play each genre type each day.

One other thing is put some away and have those for comfort box seriously ill stress days only play them if ill.

Just love songs some how feel great.

Does this help many charities use CD''s sell them on line for resale and for good causes.

Done this myself means yes paid out cost me money but to a worthy cause does it matter.

Never get rid of Motown, Northern Soul my Jazz and Soul many unique rare tracks.

Even on vinyl hard to find now on CD.

Keep the faith

Please take care

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MadBunny in reply to Becksagogo

My husband has over 700 vinyl records including many old originals.He'd never get rid of those although we are running out of space and no room for a new storage unit.I've suggested when he retires he should play them all, one per day.I daren't play them!We have got too many cds and we really need a clear out.

I tend to sing along to upbeat music when I 'm ironing

in reply to MadBunny

Hi there, if he as any 78s they will be worth a good bit of money to the right collector.

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MadBunny in reply to

Thanks. I don't think he has though

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MrRigatoni in reply to MadBunny

Never know tastes change. Many collectors looking for specific tracks albums.

I used to deal in all collectibles and there is a market for vinyl.

Also many reasons why all these Northern Soul compilations are being issued.

Mainly for not only enjoyment but for their musicality and who they are.

History back ground of any vinyl record make it popular.

Who is the artist when he or she or they started . Often early groups we all love had records pressed under assumed names.

Lots of interest in early jazz soul and even soundtracks from certain films.

Those Fifties musical James Bond Film Tv connections, 60's mainly.

Swing blues and those iconic artists early albums.

Late 60's early 70's rock and albums.

Same with many tracks the early ones the albums often errors mistakes. Mis pressings wrong labels, wording and artists spelled wrong make a valuable record.

European pressings of Beatles Stones and certain other artists.

My advice is to look on line for a guide buy one and make some plans to look at what you have.

A concern in the loft as this could be useful as a pension pot or extra income .

Hope that helps.

I have dealt with many people members of public do not know what they have got.

Just a suggestion.

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MadBunny in reply to MrRigatoni

Thank you for all your helpful advice.Im pretty sure he knows exactly what hes got as hes always looking in record guides and magazines. He wpuld never sell as to him theyre for pleasure.

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