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Another cycle ride today

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Sadly no photos as I was riding round the city as I needed to pop into our city centre, fortunately the shops were very quiet so no problems whatsoever about keeping a distance.

I cycled 14.3 miles today.

Think I'll be back in the countryside tomorrow on a power walk.

Have a good evening all.


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It certainly has been, it was a bit cloudy here this morning but then this afternoon brightened up lovely.

The longer days are lovely aren't they😊

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All our shops have been in lock down for weeks. No Easter chocolate bunnies will be in baskets for the children Sunday. Told husband when he takes me to lab for test tomorrow, could he stop at the pharmacy and pick up a few for the children near us.....told him to take the sanitizer with him to buy them, and then pick me up....I have baskets. The twp parents have not left the house with their two little girls and son as the education program ios trying to at least keep the children from forgetting what they have learned. They are even having their groceries delivered.....but when the children are out on the side yard for a break by swinging and climbing and swimming, really can't hear for us to to talk with the mother. Father has certain classes with the kids and mother has the exercises planned like clock work. I admire them all.

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That's a shame that you were unable to get Easter chocolate. I fortunately bought my granddaughters Easter eggs before any restrictions and I was able to deliver them before lockdown so they will have theirs. We always get for our adult daughters and son-in-law, I managed to pass on our youngest daughter's with her girls and our son-in-law but was unable to pass on an Easter egg to our eldest which I'm sad about.

Oh my goodness, it certainly sounds like the parents have been amazing with the children, that's so good to hear.

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Very warm to know you gthered chocolate bunnies before the lockdown. The pharmacy had 50% off all the Easter goodies in last week's newspaper, so told him to pick some up while I was hidden away in the medical lab company for annual panel......he said ":what".....I'm leaving you in a lab but couldn't go in until it was exactly your time, and only two patients at a time allowed in the building .......but you want me to go pick out candy where people are only permitted in to pick up their medication RX ? Well, I had a RX waiting and he could have snatched a few bunnies on his way out and paid for them when he paid for the RX,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

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Yes I was very pleased and my granddaughters will be very happy this Sunday and their Aunty has also spoilt them rotten. My eldest daughter, their Aunty, adores them and I love to see the relationship she has with them. The Easter eggs in my local Tesco were reduced greatly today so my husband now has 2 ;).

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