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Another cycle ride today

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Hi all

I was due to meet a friend in the city centre today for coffee and the weather wasn't looking that great this morning, we had a lot of fog and it was quite wet on the ground due to heavy rain yesterday evening and some overnight. I thought I may have to take the car but checked the weather and thought I'd take a chance and ride my bike, I'm so glad I did. It's still very warm here and humid but not as hot as Tuesday afternoon and yesterday.

Fortunately I didn't feel any adverse affects to the heat. I'm off to the gym tonight with my daughter so that'll be lovely and cool in the gym.

The photos aren't the clearest because of the humid weather and it was still a little foggy out to sea when I cycled home. I cycled 40.75 km which equates to 25.320 miles.

Have a lovely evening all.

Alicia :)

26 Replies
blackbeauty99 profile image

Wow that is alot of miles, especially in humid weather. Well done! :)

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Thank you, it was much better today, still very humid but not as hot🙏🚴‍♀️🏞🌈

I did a half hour of dancing to the radio today as the forecast had threatened thunder here!

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What brilliant fun, dancing is so good for you😊🌈

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It was nice to have a change!

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A good change🌈😊

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Hi Alicia,

Wow, that's a great cycle trip, and I hope you have a lovely time at the gym with your daughter.

Zest :-) xx

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Hi Zest

Thank you, we did get quite hot on the treadmill and bikes but it's good doing it with someone especially my youngest daughter.

Alicia 😊xx

Wow!! You are amazing. Hope you enjoy the gym with your daughter, I'm sure you will. Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Thank you Lynne, it was good with my youngest.

Alicia xxxx💜💜🌈😊

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That's great xxxx💜♥️

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daveh121 profile image

That’s a great day!

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Thank you Dave :)

Lots of sea mist here today too Alicia. Then one rumble of thunder and a little rain! I love misty pictures. That last one's lovely, and you had a good long ride.

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It's been very misty here again today and we've had rain on and off but it's been so warm and muggy, we do need a really good thunderstorm to clear the air. I did our weekly shop, washed the floors and they did some cooking this afternoon, no gym or bike ride today. It doesn't hurt to have a break every now and again.

bobbybobb profile image

Sounds like you had a great day and how lovely to top it off with going the gym with your daughter. I really like the foggy pictures. 👍🌈🌸

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Thank you Bobby, it was a very good day and going to the gym with my youngest daughter is lovely :)

diana1998 profile image

Fab photos. You are a bundle of boundless energy. Please bottle it and pass it on!! 🤣

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Bless you Diana and thank you. I'll be sure to pass it on LOL :)

mattymoo33 profile image

Amazing and such lovely countryside to cycle in. I love cycling, but I have to get out early as most of my rides involve crossing busy roads.

And the gym as certainly live up to your forum name 😊 xxx

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Thank you and the roads in the countryside are so much better than the city roads. It's good to get out early though and beat the traffic, that's what I used to do when I cycled to work but it was cycling home that wasn't so good.

Yes it's a new gym and I really do like it xx :)

diana1998 profile image

Makes me feel faint! (and jealous) 😂

Williemom profile image

Oh my....lovely as usual even foggy looks beautiful.

You co tinie to amaze me with your long rides and walks and including a trip to the gym after riding. You go girl! An inspiration for sure!!

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Thank you, it's been foggy here again today but we've had rain as well.

Thank you much, so lovely of you to say.

Alicia :)

I've had a break from the bike and gym today as the weather has been very foggy, wet at times and extremely muggy, it's very warm here today. I've done the weekly shop, washed the floors and did some cooking at well so I haven't been sat down. Actually, I find it very hard to sit down during the day LOL

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