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Another fabulous cycle ride today

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I took a very pretty route for my ride today right out into the middle of the countryside and it was glorious. I've never seen so many cyclists on the road.

The temperature was perfect for cycling and a good job it wasn't too hot as there were many hills along the way, as you always find in Devon. ;) I cycled just over 28 miles and loved every minute of it, even the hills, ;)

Hope you've all had a good day.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

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Makes me tired to think of it Alicia, but happy for you that it brings you so much pleasure. And the photos are wonderful! 🙏

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I love my bike and I've been riding since I was about 16/17 and the only time I stopped was when the children were very small and I obviously couldn't leave them. As soon as I went back to work I was back on my bike travelling to and from the office.

Glad you like the photos, the scenery was beautiful for sure.

Have a lovely evening.

Alicia :)

Some great photographs Alicia, I look for to our cycling trips now. You must sleep so well after all that pedalling 🚲

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Thank you and I do love the countryside, you can't beat it. Yes I am quite a good sleeper. :)

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I bet you do sleep well, I get tired just reading how many miles you’ve done 😊😉👍🏻

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I'm just loving it, the further I go and the more hills I ride up the better I feel, I never get off my bike to go up a hill, it's my personal challenge.


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I sometimes dream that I’m running really fast and I love that feeling I bet you feel that way on your bike 👍🏻

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That's an excellent dream. Yes it does feel really good on my bike,I love it.😊

I did a 5 mile walk up and down hills this afternoon which I enjoyed.

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Hey that's brilliant and going up and down hills makes a lot of difference. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope that you've also had some nice weather. :)

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Sounds such fun Alicia. We thought about getting bikes during the lockdown but they are all sold out. Hence so many bikes on the road.

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It really was Ali. I cannot believe the bikes are sold out, that's crazy. Have you thought about trying Wiggle on line? It's just a thought.

The roads are full of bikes, I passed so many today and there's no way I could have counted how many.

Thank you Zoonie and I do enjoy a lovely shower after dinner.

It really does, I like cycling into the city centre but it hasn't got anything on cycling in the countryside, you see so much that you certainly don't see when you are in a car. I had an aim today to get to a certain village and then turn around and come back home again, the hill out of the village is something else but an excellent challenge.

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Beautiful Ali,

Thanks 😊. Glad you enjoyed.

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Thank you, I really did enjoy it thank you😊

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lovely pictures. Wow 28 miles, that a good distance. xx

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Thank you Bobby,I loved it. I really would love to take part in a challenge and if the Lands End to John O'Groats wasn't so expensive I'd do that. Never say never though.😊

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

😮 trying to work out what that is in miles! Amazing scenery, thanks for sharing.

Just over 28, it was fabulous.

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