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Interesting 'Information', from my Cousin.

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Dear All,

This evening, well yesterday now, I phoned my cousin David. We 'Talked' for some time, bringing each other 'Up To Date' as it were. He now works, for the NHS in London- right on the Front Line- commuting into the Hospital, every day.

David told Me about, how it was, 'in the Thick of it', how Thoughtful People were- with their applause and cheering---But also of how Nasty some People can be- they 'Broke In' and STOLE Medical Equipment. Masks, Overalls, Covers, Aprons, Gloves- They Even Stole The Gel Dispensers Of The Walls! BOTH Sides, of Human Nature, laid bare.... This was, the equipment, that was Supposed to protect Health Workers, the brave Doctors & Nurses- can you believe this? I Won't, tell you, what I think of THOSE People.... Still, it was Good to 'Catch Up' with David.

Before all this Corona Virus 'struck' we had planned a Family 'get together'. Myself and My Mother, along with David and his parents, my Aunt & Uncle.... I 'settled' for asking him to 'pass on' my Love, to all.

Just thought, that I'd, pass on this 'good & bad' Human Nature story.


11 Replies

It's unbelievable isn't it, I had a hospital appointment a couple of weeks ago and the nurses told us that people were taking the hand gel out of the containers on the walls of the hospital, they should be ashamed of themselves , how can they live with doing something that might harm someone else.

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Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading your post. Same here in The United States. I work in health care and when we leave at night, we have to lock up our sanitizing wipes and our hand sanatizers and gowns and masks. I feel bad for everybody at this point in time. People are so panicked about this virus, however, we put ourselves out there everyday to help the ones that are sick. It's just a big huge circle . I know that I feel the same way when I go to the grocery store. All the shelves are wiped clean of any wipes , toilet paper, paper towel, bleach, gloves or any mask that can be sold in the store. Meat of all things, the other day I traveled to 3 different stores ( and our stores are NOT closing ) and there was NO meat of any kind to buy. It's an interesting time to really learn how people react . All though we see this going on, there is still good going on behind the scenes. I know there is a story on our news channel everyday of people helping others. I think we are just hearing the bad more than the good. Believe there is still good out there, and I want to be one that others still believe in good.

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AndrewT in reply to terriltwin2

Dear terriltwin2,

There was some Lovely News, on our TV, the other day. A Florist, who had to close, was Giving Away beautiful bouquets, to people, in their area.

They knocked, on the door, of one Old(er) Lady... and Made Her Day😊.


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These people who raid the hospitals, where they are at the highest risk of coming into contact with the virus, will be the first to moan when they need treatment and the health care professionals do not have the right equipment to look after them because they have been selfish and stolen it already. Luckily for us the good far outweigh the bad people. It's nice to catch up with family though, that's always a plus. 👍👍

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It's disgusting how some people are behaving, it makes me so mad. Why do something like that? They would be the first to want medical attention, we are all in this together and it's about time those few selfish people started to think of others. That's my rant over, have a good night and take care of yourself and your family 😊 Bernadette xx

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It takes a crisis like the world is experiencing now to bring the demons and angels out of the woodwork. I have been saddened by some of the horrible, selfish, pure evil things I have read, to the extent I felt ashamed to be a human being. Then you read about the sacrifices the wonderful health workers are making to help those in most need and neighbours helping neighbours who they have never spoken to before. I am sure good will defeat evil. I truly believe in karma and those who steal from those who need it most will be found and justice served. I think every health worker in the country should receive a medal, not a trumped up celebrity for doing bugger all.

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Hello AndrewT. I really do feel disgusted at the idiots in this country. The mamby pambys have certainly wrecked it. We need to get back to good old Principles and Discipline. I really do not know how emergency services tolerate these idiots. Can you pass on my Thanks to your Cousin and all the staff for all they are doing. Hope they can keep safe themselves Brian

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Ignorance and selfishness has always been with us but with a greater population there is more of it about. Locally it is the dog owners allowing dogs to run around on school playing field and not picking up the poo despite the signs.

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There are words for people who do those despicable things, words that can't be used here on this forum but you can probably guess what they are. 😡😡

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Shocking and hard to believe Andrew. The Virus is bringing a lot of things to the surface...some good and some really bad things. So so sorry to read about this. It really is heart breaking news.


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That's insane! Ugh! Keeping people like your brave cousin in my heart right now. They are truly the soldiers in this whole situation.

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