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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Coronavirus isolation

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I have had a cough since July and it is persistent, I had x-rays which came up clear, I have had antibiotics which didn’t help. I’ve since been diagnosed with athsma.

I filled in the Govt form to get information, but it told me to self isolate for 7 days. This just isn’t practical as I am the transport for many at risk patients.

What should I do ?. The fact that the cough is chesty, long lasting, it happened before Covid-19 hit the country.

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15 Replies
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Did your doctor say that you may have chronic bronchitis?

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Glencairn1 in reply to Activity2004

Been unable to see GP as running on short staff. Nurse advised me to make follow up appointment but this has since been put off but never been tested for chronic bronchitis.

I will take this on board for when contact is re-permitted.

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Activity2004 in reply to Glencairn1

Please let us know what you find out when you’re able to go to see the doctor after the Isolation is lifted.

Hi Glencairn1

This is a dreadful dilemma for you. On the face of it, this cough may very well be the pre-existing one. You have had other tests which also add weight to that. Coronavirus is known to often cause a high fever as well as a dry cough.

However, you can't safely rely on that. Symptoms can vary from person to person. You say you provide transportation for people who are at risk. You might inadvertently cause a lot of damage if you are wrong that it is a pre-existing cough. Therefore if it was me, I would self isolate for those 7 days recommended. Inconvenience for a few may actually save their lives and the lives of so many other people.

During your isolation period I would seek further advice from other professional sources. Try your GP first, because I think in a case like this it is necessary for a trained professional to make the decision for you. You really do need to be tested, otherwise you may go round in circles, having to isolate yourself for a long period. Failing your GP, try 111, but I suspect it will difficult to get through and they will want to say 'isolate yourself'. So be sure to stress that you have a specific question.

I hope you can find someone to give you the reassurance you need. But please err on the safe side of caution.

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I would insist to have a test to diagnose the cause of your cough

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I fully understand the necessity of the self isolation Jerry, and concur, your advice as echoed in other replies is exactly what I didn’t want to hear but unfortunately must adhere to.

I have 3 others in my home who will need to take the same advice, whether they like it or not , the rest of my family live only 250 yards from us but they do not drive, we live in an isolated village of only 583 people with very little public transport so have difficulty in replenishing foodstuffs.

I’m able to survive but my family will struggle as we have Cancer sufferers and a father who suffers from a very unknown illness called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria which affects only 51 people in the UK, his transport to hospital is me, and without his fortnightly infusions he will not survive.

I will in some way arrange something, much thanks for your concern.

They do say one of the symptoms is a DRY cough, whereas yours is chesty, can you get an emergency app with your Dr or speak on the phone, or try 111 for advice take care

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Called the emergency number on government leaflet that came through the door.

Gave them all my symptoms to the detail, and they advised me that rather than go down the route of self isolation, I must comply with the social distancing rule.

This allows me to continue to shop for my family, but I may need to rearrange transportation to and from hospital for appointments.

Many thanks to all who offered advice, I will keep an eye on symptoms and deal with respectably.

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Good luck , hope you feel better soon

We used to live in a street called Glencairn Road in London 👍

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Glencairn1 in reply to

Lol, lived around the London area myself for a while, Hammersmith (dump), Edgeware, and Feltham before moving to Southampton.

Didn’t like London at all, people were very unfriendly and even after using the same pubs for 6 months, nobody spoke.

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I agree, it was in Streatham, I never saw my neighbours the whole time I was there lol , I was glad to come back to friendly Wales

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Tried in vain to get even a telephone appointment but they are far booked out. So for me it’s a game of wait and see.

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I've had a cough for about the same length of time as you. Some months ago, my haematologist sent me for a chest x-ray but that showed nothing. I've recently tried Potters and First Defence but they just relieved a stuffy nose that I had. So I had a telephone appointment with my GP on Friday and she said that as I was being prescribed Omeprazule for acid reflux, to wait and see if that cured it, which I think is sensible advice for now.

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I have used the stronger version of Omaprezol (Lanzaprozole) for almost 20 years now, as without it I would be in constant agony.

I don’t think the reflux pathway is going to benefit me however I do hope you find a solution soon.

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Hope you are feeling better Glencairn and got sorted

Stay safe and keep well.

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