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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Coping with loneliness and isolation

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I often write my posts on this site and many kind supporters I have found.

There are times I can manage but times I become very sad and lonely with the isolation ,

I have never seen so much world suffering as a result of this Pandemic things I took for granted

For Muslims Ramadan will be approaching and I usually visit Mauritius or go to Turkey for the celebrations following Rsmadhan

This a period of great isolation and for Muslims to turn inwardly to God

All of this I realise but again My Mother projects her anxiety on to me for example a gardener stepped and sat in her kitchen for about fifteen minutes , My Mother kept her distance but she tells me always if her worries

Keep Safe and Keep Well

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Hi it’s the same for us Christians , it’s Easter this weekend but unfortunately we can’t go to Church even if we want to as they’ve closed down temporarily.

We usually get away for a break too but can’t go now, we just have to accept it as it is and hope all this will soon be over.

You keep safe too

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Thank you for reply

It is a sacrifice but made harder being from my Mother and her fears she related to me

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Roukaya, I understand, but

imagine if your mum didn't tell you of her worries, trials and tribulations, if she wasn't open with you... You'd be worried sick wondering what was actually happening in her life!

I think it's a great thing that she shares so much with you: it's entirely up to you how you process that information... You can choose to have it worry you (although that is pointless as you can't do anything to help your mum from this great distance) or you can choose to file the nugget of information safely away in your mind, secure in the knowledge that nothing worse is befalling your mum than what she has told you.

You really do have the power to adapt and calibrate your response, secure in the knowledge that everything that's happening to your mum is known to you, and you can then turn your attention to your own life here and focus on your own projects and endeavours.

You could make so much progress!

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Roukaya in reply to TheDrivenSnow

Dear Driven Snow

Thank you for being kind enough to reply to the post

There are times I realise that I should rationalise my anxiety which is prompted by my Mother’ day to day activities and interaction with others

I am aware that may be I say the same issues to many times and I apologise for this

I think I should really try to pass the Diploma in Wills and Probate and start to look for a years work experience

I expect my anxiety is also brought on by my loneliness

I wish you well

Kind Regards

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Seeing you talk about your mother makes me sad, my mum died last September, I was thinking of my nephew and said to my husband I almost said I will call mum and ask when his birthday is. Mum was good at trying to organise us as a family, I miss her, she was 95 but I was not ready to lose her.

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Roukaya in reply to san_ray70

I did not mean to trigger the memory of your Mother

I have absolutely no one in UK is this site enables me to contact others

But it would seem I am repeating myself with the posts

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I have many memories of my mother, some of her jewelry she gave me for my 70th birthday. I was close to my mum and loved her very much.

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

Loneliness is terrible. Throw your heart and soul into passing your Diploma, believe that you can do it this time. Keep studying and working towards your goal. When you concentrate so much on something, especially something that means a lot to you, you won't think about how lonely you are so much because you won't have time. You have to keep going till you pass and know you will get there. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

These are very kind and supportive words

I thank you

I have struggled to pass the Diploma for three years given personal issues and anxiety triggered by having an elderly parent overseas

I thank you very much

But today I realised she does not realise how much her anxiety impacts on my ability to pass the exam

It is true and I believe that if you apply yourself to something you truly love the job and income will follow

How many times we should learn to little to our little voice from within to do something that really means something

Thank you for igniting my life’s passion

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

Use some of this time now in isolation to apply yourself. Make the time work for you. When you are passionate about what you do and when you work hard, good thing happen, they do. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Very inspiring

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I am sorry to hear you are alone, but you can stay connected, if just with the people from this site. We are all here for each other. I am in the U S, but I feel a connection to every one on this site. One thing that helps me every day, is first thing as I rise in the morning, I give thanks for another day. As of today, I have been given approximately 25,650! Maybe this would help your mother to realize she has also been bless with many days and many more to follow. Even if this idea can't help your mother, hopefully it can help you. Remind yourself every day, of the days you have been given and of all of those that you will be blessed with.

FEAR is a destroyer of life. Live everyday. Don't let fear suck the life out of your days.

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Thank you for your great understanding .

I think clearly you have understood that it is fear that breeds anxiety which can cause increased agitation

The situation above all intensified with the virus

However on a positive side, this virus has taught us to value life and all that we have

Our religion teaches this and the Christians say to count your blessings and to share your blessings

I am very isolated but pleased I am able to connect with others on this site

It is a real life line for me.

How are you

How do you spend your time in self isolation?

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Roukaya, unlike you, I do live with my husband of over 45 years. So I am not alone. Even though I am not experiencing the feeling of loneliness at this time, There are many people I miss seeing.

I have had some very hard years where I experienced fear...fear that I allowed myself to let take over my days. I regret that I allowed it. It was a fear that could have ended many of my relationships, but luckily I had very good people in my life who would not allow my fear to ruin everything. Fear can breed fear and this is what is happening to you when your mother calls with her fears.

Parents are suppose to calm their children and tell them everything will be fine...but sometimes the children must be the parent. Here's one thing my youngest adult child told me when I was feeling sorry for myself. She told me I couldn't call her unless I first had something positive to say. I wanted to hear her voice, so I would really work at trying to think of something positive to tell her whenever I called. It slowly helped me to see all of the positive things I had going on in my life.

This pandemic has changed the world. There may actually be positive things that come from it. In the mean time, we must work on ourselves to be the best we can be, so that we can contribute in the best way we know how.

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Very good advice speaking from personal experience

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