I give up!

This evening I 'Logged In', to my Hotmail Account, mothing unusual there......After about two minutes my system had a 'Wobbly', as a friend of mine calls them. Net result I was Logged Out. When I tried to log back in, bearing in mind that I probably COULD 'Log In' with my eyes closed, I was told that my Password was wrong-however I could Re-Set it.

I followed this option, was asked for a New Password-told not to use one that I'd used before, bloody awkward and difficult that one! However I entered a Brand New, never been used before Password-was told that the 'Duplicates didn't match'. Finally, after about fifteen, yes Fifteen, minutes I finally Re-set my password-I had to have a 'Security Number', sent to my Mobile Phone, however Re-set it was. All I have to do now is Log In.......My Password, this is the one that I had Just Re-set, was wrong!!!!

I just closed down the Application.......What else could I do? What was it that Scotty said, in one of the Original Star Treks-'We're going round in circles, which at Warp Nine, is going no where Very, Very fast!' I might have been at Warp Fifty myself.

all this technology is great, when it works.

Best wishes


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  • Yikes that is not good. I used to get a row for telling my computers at work if they didn't behave I was going to throw them out the window. :-D Since I was a computer programmer I don't think the boss was too happy. I also used to joke with some of the users I fixed problems for that I'd call them back once I'd gone and given the computers a good talking to for misbehaving and if that didn't work I was going to give them a kick. :-D My users thought that was funny, but others in the team I work with were not amused.

    Hope you get your problem sorted.

  • Visions of Basil Faulty and a car!

    Made me have a beaming smile, as I too worked with damion things since the early 80' selling them.

  • Yes this is very frustrating but now very common and we have to accept it or it will send us around the bend!

  • I dread this happening every time I log into hotmail: will it work or won't it ?

    I sit tensed up. Usually it does but occasionally I have to try again, doing the same password exactly the same as previously. Is it worse since outlook ? Difficult to say but I'm glad I have back up email addresses for some peace of mind.

  • Yes I'm 'Back UP'....for the moment anyway!