I have had the diagnoisis of Bipolar!!! I would like a reveiw into this i disagree!! I would like a full assesment by whatever meansor cost to prove that diagnoisis is incorrect!! Can anyone assist or put me in the right direction?? PLEASE? Also I have been sectioned in the past which cost Me my child due to no one else who put themselves forward being contacted!! Due to my section even thoe I went voluntary..because I had police, social services and nutty doctors outside our home!! I have family and friends and the neighborhood as witness to this!! also statements!! I feel disgusted by the way i have been treated also the so called care of others i have been witnessed to myself by the so called care professionals not all mind you thank God! I and others are willing to assist in all maters to right person that is willing to take heed..I have also suffered mass side effects which are on going even thoe the medication as been stopped .Thank God once again but CTO is in place!! Also I am pregnant and I have concerns for my un born in a past pregnancy my child had mass defects ..No postmortem was carried out!! Just a change of Doctor!! I wil not be subjected to or have my liberty taken away from Me without due cause ..I have never been an harm to myself or others..mis understood and under handed things by aurthoritive people that have abuse their power..PLEASE I ASK FOR HELPTO PUT PAST WRONGS TO RIGHT ...I AND OTHERS ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO ASSIST SO THIS WONT HAPPEN TO OTHERS..Kind regards Miss Nikisha MIddleton and Thanks for reading :)

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  • This sounds very difficult for you Nikisha

    Ideally you need an advocate to try and help. If you are in the uk Mind maybe a good contact to make o

    You can challenge a CTO if you do not think you should be on one. You can get legal aid to pay for a solicitor to help you do this.

    You have the right to see an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA). An IMHA can help you to understand your rights and could help if you are not happy with any of your CTO conditions.

  • Thanks Goldfish x waiting for response and direction !! Happy New Year to You, all the best and a big THANKYOU once again...

  • Has there been any progress?

  • Hi :) got an advocate.. Also seeing a solicitor! Keep you posted! Thanks for your concern