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Amount For Repairs So Far Caused By My Husband's Manic Episode

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It is the day before our hospital appointment for a second opinion with another consultant. However, I have just been dealing with the latest expense caused by my husband's mania.

Michael broke the handle on our bathroom window by pulling it too far too strongly. The locksmith has just replaced the handle, and in doing so dropped his drill leaving a hole in my bathroom wall. That cost £124.

Other expenses include : joining a cryptocurrency site for £190, then a further £100 to have our computer screen cleared off because he was scammed. Next, came the expense from the plumber because Michael had been messing with the temperature gage on the central heating boiler. That cost £296. Next a pending repair to our car caused by a clash with a concrete bollard, when he should not have been driving at the time, £500. Now the locksmith. I make this out to have cost us £1.200.10 pounds so far! I am then told that Michael is not a danger to himself or others. I shudder to think what tomorrow will bring. One good thing though, is that I am not thinking about Covid - 19! I just don't have the time.

22 Replies
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Goodness 01776, it seems never ending doesn't it - are you keeping a note of all of it to hand to the consultant so he can see what exactly is going on? I sincerely hope that it goes well for you and that the consultant will actually do something about it for the benefit of you both. Good luck for tomorrow and please let us know how it goes. xx

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Thank You springcross for your email, and I have made quite a long list. I will let you know how I get on.

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🤞 x

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I am sure you have everything written down. don't miss anything out. Tell the exactly how you feel and don't let them think you are managing if you are not. Be straight with them. Good luck with the meeting tomorrow, I hope it all goes well and a reasonable result will come out of it for both of you. 👍🌷

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Thank you bobbybobb, I will let you know how I get on.

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Thank you for the hugs

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, will be thinking of you and hoping for the best xx

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Thank You Malmal

Hi, just came across your post, good luck for tomorrow’s appointment.

I have just spent a lot of money again fencing off my garden, as my sister who is unwell has dug up our lawn and her lawn because she is obsessing that the rain water has nowhere to go.

I asked her to not do that and she punched me to the head.

I can’t get any help from her GP as when he refers her to the Mental Health Team she tares up the letters from them, shouting that there’s is no problem with her and that it is me.

I feel bullied by her.

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How are you keeping sane ?????

Hide the car keys !!

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MidoriVisually impaired

Have you got all the bills and evidence together to place in front of the psychiatrist? You will have to show them how much your husband's behaviour is affecting you, even though its his appointment, not yours.

Another possibility (and if you are private people, you may not want to try this;) Is Go to the Media. And your MP.

It is very wrong that you are being treated like this. Your husband needs more help than they are giving him right now.

Cheers,, Midori

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Hello there , share the feeling but I don't have anyone to blame only myself or the stupid idiots that phone up pretending to be saving you money. So maybe all the fault does not lie with your husband , but share the stress these things cost to you both financially and relationship wise. I often wonder where these phone scammers think we get our money from , I end up having to take out loans or use credit cards. Many low income families & pensioners struggle to meet such bills from mishaps ect and end up in debt. I hope things are coming back together for you, I presume you are a carer for Micheal , the stress must be enormous. Stay safe and well if possible.

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MaggieSylvie in reply to katieoxo60

I have similar problem. We have a call blocker phone but my partner allows every call and some of them end up in him buying from them. We are talking thousands not hundreds of pounds and a lot of time letting people into the house for hours at a time. It is always better to find your own contractors, not wait until you get a cold call.

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katieoxo60 in reply to MaggieSylvie

Yes thats another problem I have all these cold callers. Not sure how genuine there claims are and they seem to target old and disabled clients because some of us show up on computers elsewhere as vulnerable or have been targeted and scammed before the police informed me. They just keep coming back again & again . As you say some of them cost the vulnerable thousands of pounds not hundreds. If exposed we are told it is a domestic matter not illegal take them to court at a further cost. Its time the government brought in a law against this distance selling as it is called.

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The locksmith has just replaced the handle, and in doing so dropped his drill leaving a hole in my bathroom wall. That cost £124....

That is the fault of the locksmith who should pay this bill which is why they have insurance,

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My thoughts and prayers are with you today 01776.

Hope the appointment went well.

X mary

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You sure are having a rough time of it! I have been through that, with a family member, being told, by a Dr. that they are not a danger to themselves, or anybody else! That ended up with the relative committing a felony! It was a horrible mess, for 6 months, going through everything that happened etc. It really bothers me, when some medical professionals can be so callous, and seeming, apathetic! On the other hand, some Docs get that way, when they are so overloaded with patient problems, so, six of one, half dozen of another, as the saying goes. You should be getting more support, for sure, so I hope you will get a satisfactory answer, when your husband’s upcoming Dr. appt. occurs. Hang in there! I know, easier said, than done!

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I wish you well tomorrow.

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I really hope you find some help. I had a really tough time with my son for six years, it only ended when he left home. We get on great now I’m pleased to say but those six years were awful!

Unfortunately I’ve heard that if you get scammed once, you can end up on a list that gets circulated to other scammers. It might be worth having a chat with your phone provider to see if you can get a change of number. Good luck x

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Oh dear sounds like your having a rough time hope you get somewhere with appointment. Don't forget to tell them how it effects you. Good luck

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OMG your plate is too full :| , but what doesn't break you, will only make you stronger :) . This means you are getting stronger than Zena warrior princess :|

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