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CRP and ESR within normal limits - increasing symptoms - previous PMR

I am almost 67 and female. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with PMR - with raised CRP and ESR. I was treated with steroids for a year and the symptoms settled. I do suffer from chronic depression.. I have had both hips replaced for osteoarthritis.

About six months ago I started getting pain in my thigh muscles, neck and shoulders, but blood tests were within normal limits. The pain has increased a lot now, symmetrically in both hips/thighs, , and I find it difficult to turn over in bed, or to walk far - although the pain lessens with walking, but worsens with prolonged sitting. Today is particularly bad. I also suffer from excessive tiredness.

Do you think I should request further blood tests? What if they are normal?

I know that I am at higher risk of side effects from steroids as I have type 2 diabetes (on Metformin) and high blood pressure (controlled by medication), also chronic depression with exacerbations from pain and stress. I was changed from simvastatin to bezafibrate at that time in case that was causing the muscle pain, then changed nearly three months ago to rosuvastatin with no improvement.

Ann (aka missrat)

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Seems like you are having a flare of the PMR Especially as you have had it before,

Some people can have a flare without a raised ESR, "Treat the symptoms not the the test" ??

Go back to your GP for another b/test.

Good luck



Hi Ann,

This could be a return of PMR. Yes, do go back to your GP and have blood tests, but remember that negative blood tests are possible with this illness. I have had PMR for over 2 years and have never had blood tests that showed any inflammation.




Your pains do sound classic for PMR. When you have your ESR and CRP blood tests, it might be a good idea to ask for a Vitamin D test as well as a deficiency can lead to muscle pain. I do hope you get some positive news and will soon feel better.


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