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I'm down to 3mg of pred at last! I took it easy for a few weeks, 3 and 4 on alternate days, and it now seems to be going OK after a week on 3. I had a routine blood test recently - CRP is up to 24, but that could be due to a sinus infection I had around the time of the test. Dexa scan showed some thinning of the top of the left femur - an extra incentive to be very careful on ice and slush; and a reminder to be good and take my strontium ranelate every night. My calcium tablets (ADcal) has a hefty dose of Vit D so that should compensate for the lack of sunlight.

Good luck to everyone 'on the drop' and do take it gradually.

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Hi Annodomini

Good to hear that your drop from 4 to 3 appears to be successful - well done! Might just be an idea to get that CRP checked again as soon as possible though and definitely before any further reduction as it should read somewhere between 0 and 5.

The calcium plus Vit D tablets are fine as long as your Vit D levels are in the normal range. If not, then a supplement of pure Vit D3 is needed to boost the levels back to within normal. Vit D blood tests are quite essential especially for those of us with PMR, as low levels can cause muscle pain and we have enough of that already don't we!


Thanks Celtic. The CRP will be checked again at the beginning of February and the doctor has told me to stay on three for a couple of months. I will also look into the Vit D issue. Your advice is invaluable.




It sounds as though your Dr has given you good advice in recommending that you stay on 3mgs for a couple of months. Early on in my treatment, I remembered reading a recommendation that I should stay on each new dose below 5mgs for three months. What I did do and what I meant to add in my previous reply is that I found it easier to reduce from these very low doses by doing it in half mg decrements - it seemed to trick my body into not noticing the reductions and therefore I didn't seem to suffer those dratted initial withdrawal pains. Good luck with the CRP results in Feb.


I agree about the half mg decreases. I have been doing that from 7 downwards by alternating daily doses - before I went down to 3 I was taking 4 one day and 3 the next, for about two weeks.


Hi Anno,

Well done - you give hope to all of us. Onwards and downwards - ha!



Thanks Pats. It's not a bed of roses in this weather for any of us, is it? Everything seizes up and it's not all due to PMR!


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