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Dexa Scan

I finally had the Dexa scan yesterday. Spine is OK but there is some deterioration at the head of the left femur - the right hip joint was replaced 7 years ago. The scan was done by a research company that is offering free scans to GPs' patients and asking suitable patients to take part in research programmes on various conditions, one of which is osteoporosis. There is no obligation and I am seeing one of their doctors next month to see what he/she has to tell me about this. Meanwhile, I'm back on the Strontium Ranelate which I have been naughty about in the last few months. :-(

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Hi Annodomini

You have done what I have been meaning to for some years now. I was quite good for year to go every second year to the bone scan and every second year cancer in breasts og "downstairs", there are three years now, thanks for reminding me to go. Walking and swimming helP to keep the bones healthy,


Thanks for your reply, Kolla. You seem to have had more than your fair share of bad luck. Hope your scan comes out favourably.




I have just had one of those free scans and they said "I was no good to them as my results were normal" !!! I have had pmr for four years and been on pred. as long. I was a bit suprised by the result as from last year I have had 2 stress fractures to my left foot (different bones), a compression fracture of my lower spine causing 3 bulging discs which causes agonising pain, and a rotary cuff tear to my right hip which again causes electrifying pain on movement. If it is not my "bone density" what is it? I have just been told to take more pain killlers.


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