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A new week

Morning all

Today is the first day of a brand new week for my meds.

Today I drop from 18mg pred to 15mg, hopefully the steroid injection will counterbalance the drop in tablets.

Today I start taking MTX (Methotrexate) in 10mg increasing in 2 weeks to 15mg then another 2 weeks to 20mg.

Today the rheumy nurse should call with my potassium level results as they were to high last thurs so had to be redone on friday.

So fingers crossed and toes if you can manage it lol

My nexk is good at the moment I am assuming the injection is helping that, shoulders also good. Arms and hands not so good nor is my knees and feet but hey ho onwards and upwards we go :)

I also started with pain in my back on Saturday straight across the kidney area so kept up with the naproxen.

Due to the high potassium levels and palpataions like you wouldn't believe I ended up back at the docs Friday teatime. Had an ECG and booked in for a 24hr monitoring next month. The doc actually went on the internet to show me how ace inhibitors can increase potassium levels. I of course had already done this and found that out. So a reduction in my current BP med and another kind added to my smartie box called a calcium channeler. The said my meds needs tweaking and that I should not be on Naproxen but the rheumy said to take the naproxen even though the pharmasist will tell me different. Well the pharmasist did say that taken with the MTX it can lower my BP ;) That's a good thing surely as my BP on Friday was 160/100.

So is not the word one doc saying one thing and another saying another.

I am now on 16.5 tabs on Mondays and 12.5 tabs all other days except Friday when I have to take folic acid. No wonder I rattle on lol.

Keep smiling :) you know you want to

Sue x

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Love your outlook ,yes we have to find a way to laugh ,i reduce my prenislone next week am coping with meththexate and after 3months some sighs of my old self returning fingers crossed for us both .keep Smiling .


are you having any of the side effects from the MTX ?


Yes did have but have been on MTX ? sInce August 6th 2012 and now on 15mg and for last few weeks it has been not to bad ,still have one day when feel so tried ,and spaced out , take care


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