Sorry for the quietness

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing good and pain free (well we live in hope).

I have been pretty rough over the last couple of months so not been posting. Just having a catch up this morning before I start a busy day.

I have had to come off of hydroxy as it really upset my IBS and made my skin itch like crazy. So that left me with the MTX tabs that were not working and 13mg pred. As most of you know I also have RA. I have been changed to MTX injections last Friday and had to go to the hospital for my lesson in self injecting. While there I asked if there was a chance of a steroid injection as I was really struggling, the nurse could see how bad I was and obliged. She filled a syringe with 3 small bottles so not sure how much I have had. I did my MTX without a problem as got used to injecting to keep my blood thin when pregnant.

Saturday I was not to bad til the evening then could barely move and was still the same on Sunday.

Monday however I took the kids to a cafe for lunch and noticed that one side of my face under my jaw was swollen. It got worse as I carried on eating and I could hold it in my hand.

Tuesday I was eating breakfast and the same thing happened on this time it felt like my whole face was going to explode. I thought I was having a reaction to the steroid shot so I got in to see the doc. It turned out to be my tonsil very inflammed. I had no temperature or sore throat but he prescribed penicillin as he said I was more prone to infections cos of the MTX and pred.

Yesterday I felt better than I have done in months so wondering if the antibiotics are doing more for me than just clear up the tonsilitis. I managed to clear the grass between our paving path with the help of my son.

Today my legs hurt a little but feel ok ish. Got a busy day though so hopefully I will manage most of it.

Tomorrow I will be taking my 2nd MTX injection and awaiting the delivery of a whole leg of pork ready for Saturday as on Saturday I will be turning 50 and having about that many guests to help me celebrate. I am so looking forward to it (the party, not being 50 lol)

Anyway that's my update, I will continue to read what I have missed over the last several weeks.

Keep smiling.


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Nice to hear from you again sue, congrats on reaching 50 I will be reaching 60 in November how scary is that!! Hope all goes well with the party


Thank you


Hi sue8 Happy 50th and have a great Party. Lovely to see you are back on the Forum. Hope you feel better each Day and Gosh you have a lot going on.. I thought I was going through enough but you are coping with a lot more than me..I will keep watching the posts to see if you have put any more messages on. All the best trish29


Hi Trish thank you, I am looking forward to my birthday purely for the party not liking the turning 50 bit lol


Hi Sue,

so nice to hear from you - been a bit concerned for quite a while now as you used to post so often and then you stopped. It's great to know you're still keeping your chin up even though it's obviously still a real 'battle' for you.

Myself, I am alternating 6mg and 6.5mg alternate days, but it's hard on the lower dose as I get a bit of tiredness. I guess my poor old adrenals are still very sleepy.

The PMR has gone! I can hardly believe I'm saying it, but all the aches and pains and complete lethergy have gone. My strength and stamina are much improved and my weight is only up by about 4 pounds.

When I was on the dose you are on I really didn't think I would ever get better, but I guess I'm getting there after 2 and a half years, so try to keep your chin up Sue. I know it's a struggle and the drops have to be made so slowly, but it pays off in the end.

Hope you have a lovely time on your birthday and remember, 50 is no great age. You're still a 'baby'.

Lots and lots of love,



aww Pats thanks for your lovely reply.


Hello Sue

Good to hear from you again, though not so good to hear you're suffering with tonsillitis - hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and you feel much better by Saturday. Many happy birthday wishes and I hope you get spoilt rotten. 50 sounds so very young!


Thank you, it might sound young but I don't feel it with the PMR and RA :(


Hi Sue,

Really good to read you have surfaced again. Been wondering about you and missing your input. Hope those antibiotics sort out your infection. Have a lovely day on Saturday and Many Happy Returns. All the best. Janimaths


Thank you x


Hi Sue

Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations. Stick in there, it's good to hear from you again. Congrats (or is it condolences? on your 50th. Terrifies me to think how long ago mine was. Enjoy the party!


:) condolences that made me laugh. It's not bothering me to be honest cos it's coming wether I like it or not.


Happy birthday ! My dad always says each birthday "getting older is better than the alternative" ..........................


Congrats on the milestone birthday...hope the celebrations go well.

Just out of curiosity what antibiotics did they give you? I ask because I do know of several people who did really well on antibiotic therapy for their RA and since you have that too I was wondering if there may be a connection between the antibiotics and you feeling miles better on them...




oh well...worth a try I guess...have never heard of penicillin doing anything for RA... Doxycycline is used in long term low dose therapy and there have been reports of good results in some patients. If you haven't tried it, it may be something to discuss with your rheumy...

But for now happy Birthday to you


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