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Volunteer! Would anybody like to help us run this forum?

The PMRGCAuk community on HealthUnlocked is getting bigger and more active every day. We'd love it if somebody (or several!) who uses the forum would like to become more involved in helping us moderate it. That way it becomes a truly user-led resource.

What would it involve?

Visiting the site regularly to get an overview of new activity, new members etc. Receiving an email alert when a new question is posted.

Helping PMRGCAuk develop new content for the site.

Alerting us whenever there's something that we need to refer to the medical advisory panel for more advice.

Would you be interested? It would mean so much. Please contact us on Thanks!

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Hi Kate,

As I visit this site at least 5 times per week I guess I am very interested in what it's all about. I feel that, as far as my pmr is concerned, I am on the last and most dangerous lap of this hard journey. If I can be of any help to those who share this illness I will offer what experiences I have or have studied.

I don't know if I have the skills your other members require, but I am willing to give it a go.

I realise taking part is no small undertaking and carries serious responsibilities. If you think I am capable of helping then I am willing to try, but please reassure me that , if certain questions are out of my league, you will be there for me.

I will never forget how I reached out to you and many of your fellow members in desperation for help when I could hardly cope with this illness.

Sincerely, Pats.


Hi Pats

Thanks so much for this. If you would like to have a go, you'd be so very welcome! Send me an email on and we can set you up with admin privileges and then you can have a look 'around the back' and see what you think.




Hi Kate,

O.K. Kate. Lets go. I can't promise I'll be what you need at first, but I'll give it my best.



Brilliant Pats. You have been set up as admin. You should see a new tab that says admin. Go in and have a look around! Welcome!


Hi, I am a newbie as only diagnosed 2 days ago. I do have facebook page that I am the admin of so understand a little about admin on a forum. Would be very pleased to offer my services if you need more helpers.


Hi Sue8,

Welcome. You have admin/forum experience. Lucky you. I have none, but am going for it anyway. What I do have knowledge of is PMR and some of the side effects of prednisolone. 18 months after getting PMR and doing quite well now. I can see a glimmer of light.



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