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PMRGCA Members Zoom meetings


Dear all,

We at PMRGCAuk have been trialling a number of ways to keep everyone connected during these strange times. One of these initiatives has led to setting up Support Group meetings on Zoom. Penny Denby, our trustee and Kent Group Organiser, trialled a Kent Group meeting via Zoom* last week. Its success has led to setting up a meeting every two weeks or so: "It was lovely to see and speak to everyone and hear how they are managing with PMR, GCA and the coronavirus conditions we are all living under."

We would like to extend an invitation to these meetings to any other member of the charity. You don't have to live in Kent, but you do need to be a member of the charity.

If you are a member of PMRGCAuk and would like to join us for the next meeting you are more than welcome. Please email Penny at:

If you are not already a member of the PMRGCAuk charity you will need to join at An annual subscription costs just £15, which goes towards supporting our Helpline and our Support Groups, research and campaigning for better diagnosis and treatment and enables us to deliver our services to more people with PMR, GCA and their families. I'm afraid that at the moment, only people living in the UK can become members.

*Zoom allows us to have video conferences and webinars across mobile devices, desktops and telephones. It is simple to use. We send you a link and a meeting ID. We are just a click away.

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

with best wishes,


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I would like to become a member but I am aresident of Spain. I have an English bank account though so can I subscribe

CandyHAdministrator in reply to bBarnabus

Hi bBarnabus,

Great! Thank you. Could you either follow the link to the membership form in the post above, or email Fran on and she will be able to help you.


Anyone can become a member if they can get the money to the Charity.

Sure wish I could join but I’m a Canadian resident. This would be very helpful during these uncertain times. Glad you are able to utilize the technology to foster a greater connection.

Grammy80 in reply to PMRCanada

I did it with my credit card~!! Does that help? My family is in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Strong~!💞

This forum has been a lifesaver for me...I knew nothing of GCA and then lived in a swirl of prednisone. I just processed a membership application with the membership fee, gladly. I could never thank ALL of you for what you have done ...and continue to do for me.💗💗 I live in the Eastern Time Zone of the states, in Maine. I'd love nothing better than to join with any of you on a Zoom meeting.

Deep gratitude to all of you!!

Marilyn Parker


benhemp in reply to Grammy80

I have only recently found this forum, and am very grateful for it. I'd like to help support it. When I explored the membership form, it seems to assume that the applicant is in the UK (only UK counties are listed, and I must choose one!) I see that you are in the US, as am I. How did you become a member, and did you choose a county at random? I'm just looking to do the right thing. If I can't be a member because I'm in the US, I could just use the "make a donation" button, but like you, I might want to do one of these Zoom support group meetings.

Grammy80 in reply to benhemp

That is wonderful...I'd get in touch with Fran Benson, Administrator. She will direct you to the site where you can use your Visa or MC and contribute through VirginMoney...that is wonderful. The support here is priceless to say nothing of the information..xo

PMRproAmbassador in reply to benhemp

Fran_Benson is on holiday this week - back on the 27th. So despite what it says on her profile she won't reply in 48 hours this week!

Fran_BensonAdministrator in reply to benhemp

Hi Benhemp, you absolutely can join but you are also right that the counties are only the UK ones (we are hoping to change this later in the year but for now we have to work around the system as it is). However if you choose US as your country I will know that the county you have selected is irrelevant. We run our international members via email so your email address is the most important thing for correspondence and Zoom meetings.

I hope that helps.


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