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Be aware of high fevers

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I just spent a week in the hospital. The prednisone caused me to become unaware of my surroundings. Fortunately my husband saw these changes and called an ambulance. My 105 degree fever was quite serious and I was on antibiotics of all kinds to stop cellulitis in my arm from reaching the point of death or amputation. I was unaware of anything for days. Since I was use to hands and wrists swelling with Pmr I thought this was the same. We never figured out where the cellulitis started. I was hallucinating for days and so greatful to the doctors and nurses that cared for me day and night. I am at week 3 now and at home and getting physical therapy to improve my balance walking. It is amazing how much you loose so quickly. Just a warning to everyone taking drugs to be aware and tell their family also to be aware. This can happen with the flu or any high fever.

10 Replies
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Hope you soon make a full recovery - must have been very distressing for you and your husband.

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How awful, and a good warning!....glad you are on the mend!

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Was this because your immunity was suppressed?What a horrible experience, I am so glad that you are on the road to recovery. Thank goodness for your husband’s quick thinking. I know that I respond badly to infections that go on and on, like UTI’s, Blepharitis and a nasal infection - a year! I had thought it was because Tocilizumab ( Actemra) was further suppressing my immunity, because it only happened after this drug was added to my treatment. I am on 7 mgs of Prednisalone and am aware of having to be very, very careful - cuts etc.

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Oh how scary for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery,. Thanks for warning!

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Very sorry for you.Hope you get better soon.

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How awful for you. When my Mum was in hospital after a minor stroke, we visited her every day, & one evening my hand swelled to size of a grapefruit, & doctor said go straight to hospital. I was admitted with cellulitis & remained on a huge cocktail of drugs by drip for some days…until my Mum worsened & I had to go…she was in another hospital 70 miles away, & Dad was on his own. I continued to take strong oral antibiotics for a while after. I tell you this because we never found the cause, all we could think of was that I picked it up visiting her in hospital. I have a very bad infection issue, generally, & take antibiotics for 3 months a year. If I catch a common cold it turns to bronchitis by day 3 & lasts up to 8 weeks. This happened long before PMR & taking steroids started. I hope you’re better very soon.

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Oh dear, so sorry to hear this & glad your husband was on the ball & called an ambulance. Get Well Soon 🌸

Take Care


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So sorry you have been feeling so poorly, I hope you get better soon, it sounds horrendous what happened.Sending you a big hug.


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Sorry you have been so ill. Get well soon!

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So sorry to hear how unwell you’ve been. Thank goodness your husband was on the ball and called an ambulance. Wishing you a speedy recovery 😊

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