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What pain killers can take while on pred for headache. I'm already taking paracetamol. Can I take ibuprofen, naproxen or is there a better one to take

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Codeine based stuff is better. The NSAIDs (the stuff you mentioned) together with pred are not recommended, each can cause gastric irritation, together the risk is higher. PS - watch out for constipation with codeine-based stuff.

However - what SORT of headache? Could it be GCA raising its head?

Do you know what is causing the headaches?

This is my 8th day of pred and 4 days had this headache. So assuming it pred that is causing it. I'm taking paracetamol which take the edge of it but still there

Hi Karen,Where is the headache? 4 days ago you also mentioned eye issues. Maybe you need to be checked out for GCA.

I mentioned it to dr this morning she said just see how often it happens cause it only happened once.

Interesting question. I had a glass of red wine on the 27th evening and immediately got a bad headache. As it was close to bedtime, I thought I'd sleep it off. But, no, it lasted all night (front half of my head, including left and right temples and forehead). I usually have my Pred after breakfast, which I did. The headache was gone within an hour! Unbelievable. This is pain I have always described as migraine! Anyone else experienced this?

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I get headaches too, sometimes lasting three days. Then they disappear until the next time. Even my migraine headaches didn’t last that long! Seems it only happens when I am taking Pred - and they suddenly disappear, like yours! I woke up with one this morning - and just know, I am stuck with it at least until tomorrow ☹️

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I have had what I called migraines for years. Since taking pred they actually disappear really quick. Which makes me wonder if they are migraines at all. Unless pred also helps with migraines.

It is recommended that over 70 y/o should not take long term ibuprofen, it can affect the kidneys.

In most cases, I take paracetamol. When it doesn't work, I take ibuprofen. But if you have headaches often, it is better to ask a doctor as it is important to find out the reason and choose a proper medication.

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