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PMR and turmeric supplement


Greetings all you wise members. I have a question about supplementation. I am 65 and currently have PMR and am at 9 mg. tapering. I also have osteopenia, not treating with fosamax but with calcium, K2, D, strontium, and magnesium. I also have a weighted vest and do weight bearing exercise. I take turmeric for my immune system and inflammation.

My question is- if your immune system is in "hyper drive" due to the PMR and you are trying to tone down the inflammation with prednisone, am I working against myself by taking a natural "immune booster" like turmeric?

One other unrelated question - I have been having vertigo, but read conflicting reports about prednisone and vertigo at a relatively low dose? Thinking that the vertigo is not connected to the PMR or prednisone?

Thanks again for your insights.

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In this case turmeric is acting as an antiinflammatory. I look at it more as the immune system being deranged rather than in overdrive - don't know if that makes it different. SOmetimes a substance can do different things depending on the context. Do you feel it helps? Which is what matters!

You may be thinking about the vertigo as being part of adrenal function being slow to return - but that shouldn't be a problem yet at 9mg. It might be - but unlikely. As you say - can't blame it all on PMR and pred!

SandyBoots in reply to PMRpro

Thanks. I like the deranged immune system description more than hyperdrive - makes sense to me. I have had bad eczema for a few years before PMR, although much more now. My Dermatologist use to always say that my immune system was overactive. Guess maybe the prednisone is helping with the eczema a bit too- who knows. You get to a point where you are not really sure what is helping or hindering.

i have been pred free from fabruart this year, so far so good, but still have niggly pain in buttocks and thighs, so i started taking turmuric snd all tha pain has gone , touch wood

the thing with taking turmuric it takes over 4 weeks before it starts to kick in, so many people stop taking it thinking it sint working, but i am soldiering on with it and it does seem to work

Hi Sandy Boots, I have a turmeric drink every day at 11am (decaf tea, turmeric powder, black pepper, cinnamon, 2 small squares of 100% dark chocolate, 5 drops of liquid stevia and oat milk) and take supplements in the evening. I also make vegetarian curries at least once per week and add turmeric to juices (fresh root is great with freshly squeezed pear juice), scrabled eggs or anything else that may be possible (risottos, soups etc), always with a small pinch of black pepper. I am not sure how much it's helping, but I have been progressing well with my PRM journer, so you may consider that a proof. It does not seem to hurt and I like the taste of it, so I continue to take it on daily basis.

Nice recipe suggestions - thank you

I have a hot “golden milk” turmeric drink each day. I stopped after a few months and that confirmed for me that yes it had been helping! So I’m faithfully back to drinking it.

I have a question for those of you who say that turmeric is helping. What dose of Pred are you on? I found that it didn't help me at higher doses but now that I'm on 3 mg Pred it seems to help.

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