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Anyone react to conscious sedation after cataract surgery?


Today I had my first cataract removed. As I was returning home I experienced a strong headache, aches in my neck and left shoulder and then nausea.

I’ve never had this reaction before PMR.

Anyone have this experience? Thanks

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I wonder if you had been holding yourself in a state of tension? Report it though. I hope your operation is a complete success.

Thanks I’m sure there was tension. I’m usually quite relaxed with simple surgeries but prednisone has made me mire jumpy now. My bp has increased but getting better with the added medicine.

Well, according to Doctor Google headache and nausea are possible reactions to sedation. I hope you had a drive home and then were able to rest?

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My husband drove me home and has watched over me throughout the day. Feeling better tonight. Thanks

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Good, I'm glad you are getting over it. It would have been good to know ahead of time that this was a possible reaction, less of a worry when it occurred! 🤗

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