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hip, leg, butt pain---flare?

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Soooooo Was down to 35 mgs (started at 65 in March) and doing okay, but having some hip, leg pain.

3 weeks ago--- we were headed out the door to my rheumatologist appointment my husband fell and fractured his arm, large bone fractured up high, and hurt his already bad knee---ambulance called , 6 hrs in emergency then a 4 hr interstate ride home, with him in pain -- and me driving his large pickup truck that I had never driven before, so our roles reversed and I became his care giver. With one good arm and 2 bad knees the first week he could not do anything for himself, and I mean anything... Now 3 weeks out he is getting around better but I find I am worse--

The pain in my hip, butt and legs makes it almost impossible for me to walk. I couldn't go to work today. Have a hard time going up stairs. The pain is always worse when I get into bed at night. Since I'm 4 hrs away from my rheumatologist I went to my GP and he increased the prednisone back up to 40mgs, I don't see where that is making much of a difference. I've tried the magnesium spray on the legs, thought that helped for a minute, --don't think I could get out of a bathtub to soak. I'm really discouraged, tired, and in pain.

any suggestions are sooooooooo welcome.....

Just wondering your thoughts

is this considered a flare?

anyone have any great suggestions for the pain?

do you exercise and stretch muscles or rest them?

Thanks anxious to hear from you

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Would this perhaps be coming from your lower back and maybe an anti inflammatory would help...since it's one sided I tend to think along those lines.

Oh pwalker801! What a bizzare and unfortunate accident. I really feel for you, of course you have been forced to do far too much and your body is screaming in protest. Is there any family member or friend who can come and help out? You should really be on complete bedrest yourself. It’s the only thing that is going to get you back on your path.

Our son and his young family live close and they have helped us a lot, we are blessed to have good friends that have brought food out, and could call on any number of people, unfortunately by the time you figure out what you need and call its too late .....We live in the country about 15 minutes from town.

It sounds like sciatica to me which could well be brought on by everything you have had to do. I agree with Sheffieldjane, you need help. Is there any kind of system there in which someone will come in and attend to you both?

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pwalker801 in reply to Omanain

I don't think we would qualify for Home Health or any type of assistance.

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Piriformis syndrome maybe? Leading to spasmed low back muscles and referred pain into the legs? Have you access to a really good physiotherapist?

And yes - YOU need some help too.

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pwalker801 in reply to PMRpro

I was seeing my physical therapist, because we were thinking piriformis, but the stretches and e stem, hasn't seem to make any difference.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to pwalker801

Stretches often don't help when it is already really bad - doesn't me at least.

I wrote some time ago about pains in my groin and on the inside and front of my right thigh which makes it very hard to walk and I wondered if it was due to osteoarthritis. In the meantime I have experienced severe stabbing pains on the right hand side of my spine above my right buttock which have almost immobilised me. I've been waiting for the result of my X ray taken over 2 weeks ago (NHS), but because I was in so much pain I went to an Osteopath I've been to before when I had sciatica and he's diagnosed Femoral Nerve Compression rather than Piriformis syndrome which affects the sciatic nerve and the buttocks . I'm seeing my GP on Friday for blood test results and hopefully the results of my X-ray if they come through from the hospital. I don't find any pain killers helpful for the stabbing pain but they do ease the thigh pains a little. I've got another session with the Osteopath on Friday too as he's trying to release the nerve for me.

I just wondered if you were experiencing similar pains or more like sciatica which is usually in your buttocks and down the side of your leg.

a year ago I had this burning stabbing vise like pain in my left buttock, no where else,not down my leg just in my butt, tried chiropractor, accupuncture and nothing helped. MRI showed a protusion so had back surgery thinking it was a disc, was pain free for 4 days, then the pain came back. On a mini vacation with grandkids was doing a lot of hiking, (I wanted to keep up with them) and the pain went away for a few months. Then diagnosed this Febr with PMR and GCA in April --the pain is back. I would think at 40 mgs if it was PMR the prednisone should take care of it. I also have had bursitis before and begged them to give me a steroid shot for the burning on the side of my left leg, she didn't wasn't to do it as she thought it might impede the fracture in my left foot but I begged and that pain is tolerable.

How much magnesium are you taking before bed?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to singingloud

The author of this post hasn't been around on the forum since they posted this a year or so ago so you may not get a reply.

Magnesium doses vary a bit between people - too much can have a laxative effect and that wouldn't be good idea overnight maybe!

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