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Re: Severe pain in hip after PMR flare

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I recently posted about the pain I had in my right hip (buttock really). I was unable to get an appointment to see my usual doctor and was in such pain I phoned and asked for a doctor to come out. The duty doctor phoned me back saying that he had a clinic for this sort of thing on Thursday and if it was bursitis he could give me a steroid injection.

Managed to get there, but after examining me he didn't think it was bursitis, more likely sudden onset arthritis or a fractured hip, and sent me for an xray. I will not have the results for 2 weeks.

The more I try and focus on just where the pain is, the more likely it seems to be a fracture. As I have not had a fall or any other injury does this mean I definitely have osteoporosis do you think?

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"more likely sudden onset arthritis or a fractured hip, and sent me for an xray. I will not have the results for 2 weeks."

Sometimes I just have to wonder!!! If he put ?fractured hip on the referral I hope they would report if it were rather quicker than that!! And pain in the buttock CAN be muscular in origin.

And for goodness sake - if someone is in so much pain they have to ask for a home visit where is the point in telling them to come to the surgery?

Wait and see what they report - are you still stuck at home? Is that really the best they can offer in care?

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Omanain in reply to PMRpro

It would seem so! It was a bit of an ordeal getting to the hospital for the x-ray. As I have said, I live in a first floor flat with no lift! My partner managed to pick up a wheelchair when we arrived so to and from the x.ray department wasn't too bad. Trouble is now I just don't know what to do. It would seem logical to keep off it if it is broken but keep moving it if it's arthritis. Fortunately it doesn't hurt when I am sitting or in bed. If it's like this now God help us post Brexit!!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Omanain

You aren't wrong there!! But I am really appalled at your GP.

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piglette in reply to Omanain

I would have hoped if your hip is fractured they would have done something immediately, they did with my father, if it is osteoarthritis they would probably leave the results as part of normal xrays rather than emergency so could take a while.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to piglette

Ours take 2 weeks to get from hospital appt to local GP!

Recently had my hip X-rayed, have seen written results online (don’t look good to me), but with the surgery’s comment to make appointment with GP. That’s tomorrow - will be interesting to see what he says. He’s been treating for bursitis and finally decided on X-ray after I whinged at him, saying “there’s something else going on!”

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Omanain in reply to DorsetLady

good luck and keep me posted please.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Omanain

Yes I will

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Omanain

There was something else going on!

Hip is totally cream crackered with femoral head remodelling (sounds exotic but just means no cartilage).

Referred to musculoskeletal clinic, who no doubt will just look at X-ray and refer to surgeon - not a lot they can do!

GP couldn’t book initial referral online as surgery has a new online system and it doesn’t connect to NHS book and chose scheme yet! You couldn’t make it up really.

Heigh ho!

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Omanain in reply to DorsetLady

I hope you are not in too much pain while they sort it out. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious. In the meantime we just keep taking the tablets I suppose!

Sorry to hear this.

My doctor advised me to call immediately if I experienced hip pain when we first talked about the prednisone I was going to be starting . She said it could be a symptom of avascular necrosis, or bone death.

Perhaps another call to the doctors is warranted.

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piglette in reply to Evercurious

Avascular necrosis can be a side effect of steroids, but in a very small number of cases. Your doctor probably had someone it had happened to in the past as I cannot imagine most doctors are even aware of it happening with PMR and steroids. Let’s face it some are even surprised we feel tired.

I see my rheumy on 17th I want to ask him about my right hip, I can only walk a short distance and the pain is to severe, it does not hurt so much when sitting! I have osteoporosis and been told multiple fractures across my pelvic, I did fall about 8months ago, and only now I've had my elbow xray get results in a weeks time, I hit my right side but had no pain afterwards there,I sadly neglected my elbow which never stopped hurting but has got 100 times worse, hence the xray! But I never went to A&E which I should have, I'm just wondering if I've caused myself a worse condition even lifting my arm to put blouse on can be so painful, anyone have any situation similar ?

I am in the US, but I told my rheumatologist I had a pain in my right hip for over a. She said it could be bursitis and sent me on my way. My next appointment she finally sent me for an X-ray. Then I got a phone call saying I had terrible arthritis and I needed a hip replacement right away.

Needless to say I was freaked out. With further examination and X-rays by the orthopedic surgeon it was determined I have Avascular Neucrosis which is another side effect of prednisone I didn't know about. The prednisone shuts down the blood supply to the hip bone. The hip bone starts dying. If caught early enough and one can keep all weight off the joint (by walking on crutches) the veins can revive. (My sister in law was able to do it when she had Avascular Neucrosis of the knee---- she revived her blood supply and avoided surgery).

Unfortunately now I am waiting for the surgery and the pain is getting worse.

Maybe you are experiencing this too. And unfortunately maybe your rheumatologist was as uncaring as mine. I'm so sorry.


I have recently reported my history here. PMR diagnosed in 2 weeks, July 2016, started on 15mg Pred. Dec 2017 complained to GP re more hip pain on right. X-ray Jan 2018, Feb 2018 sent to Physio, refused treatment as too bad and passed to Muscular Skeletal specialist. Mar 2018 see specialist at local hospital, need right hip replacement urgently and left soon. April 2018 see surgeon at NHS referred private hospital. May 2018 right hip replaced. Aug 18, see surgeon for review right hip doing well but is being compromised by left hip deterioration, booked in for left hip replacement Oct 18, but will need official referral from GP. GP does referral without seeing me, and start with pre op, jump ( I wish) joint school and second hip op on 8th October. Home on 11th October......sore but less pain than since November last year.

It all seems a whirlwind at the moment. But I am so excited to be in little discomfort family are watching that I don't do too much. I feel lucky that there were no long waits, but it seemed ages at the time.

My PMR? Well, for first surgery surgeon wanted me at 5mg, I was on 9mg. I did a constant DSNS reduction and achieved 5 mg 2 weeks before surgery, feeling no difference in symptoms. Stayed put on 5 for a month, then reduced again. Down to 2.5 mg before latest surgery, and holding at present. I did note they whacked 20 mg into me during pre med.

Hope you find a resolution to your pain. Take care. Valerie

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