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My improved dexascan!!


Jan 2018 first dexascan was normal. Yet, my dear Rheumy wanted me to take Fosamax. I took him a copy of PMRpro’s link to the document showing that there may be fewer Prednisone side-effects than we are told and he read it. Thank you PMRpro!!!!

Inspired by HeronNS’s “My Osteoporosis” Journey (posted here in March or April), I added Vit K2 to my supplements of calcium, magnesium and D3 and began to walk almost 10,000 steps every day. I take other supplements, too, plus follow an anti-inflammation diet.

My Rheumy is really great. He listens very well, takes notes, and at each appointment I can tell he has reviewed his notes. So in June when I asked for a dexascan to see the effects of my supplements and walking he said sure.

At this week’s appointment, (August) he had to listen to me hoot and cheer when he told me my dexa showed my bone density has increased since the January scan!!! He said to continue taking my supps and walking and have another scan in 18 months. YAY!! Thank you a million HeronNS!!!!

Dxd wi PMR Jan 2018

Started on 15 mg

Aug 2018 on 8 mg (tapering on DL’s taper schedule) Thank you DL!

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Fantastic! So glad to hear about your progress and success. Well done :)

I've also stopped taking biphsphonates after reading those reports about them. I don't walk as far as you, probably half that most days, but I do strengthening/resistance exercise too and I'm following an anti-inflammatory diet. I hope my next dexa scan shows similar improvement.

DianeA1 in reply to xdbx

I hope so, too!

That's great! I'm going down the same route of supplements rather than drugs so I was delighted to read your story.... although I know that everyone is different, and what works for one may not work for another. But fingers crossed! (I'm awaiting my first scan; was diagnosed end July18.)

DianeA1 in reply to MhairiP

Fingers crossed!

I meant to start out saying that we are not all the same and cannot expect the same outcomes. Thanks for reminding me MhairiP!!


Another educated rheumy!!! Hope he's good at retaining information :-) and transfering it to other patients!

DianeA1 in reply to PMRpro

He is a treasure.


WOW! Good on you!!!!!!

DianeA1 in reply to Hidden

I know, Right? WOW, I am still pinching myself! Lol

Oh well done DianeA1! The proof of the pudding. Quite a lot can be within our control if we just apply ourselves. Lovely story. Heron is a star!

Yep, we so lucky to have such caring and good communicators here.

Well done nice to hear good news!......I should start taking Vit k2 myself but have been in 3 different chemists and none had any.......did you bu y yours online?.......keep up the good work👍

DianeA1 in reply to Longtimer

Thank you! I get my supplements from a nutritionist at a pharmacy.


I get mine from Oxford Vitality. Made in the UK. Most of their sups are small tablets. No horse pills! Send them out straight away. You can read up about the different K2 on their website. I have got K2 Mk7. Alternate this with their Bone Support tablets.

xdbx in reply to Hidden

I get mine from them too, online either direct or via Amazon. They seem to be as ethical and pure as any - organic, non-GMO, not animal tested etc - with no nasty extras like sugar, flavouring, fillers, capsule shells etc.

I take their K2 Mk7 and also their Vit D & Calcium because they’re so much cleaner than the prescribed Adcal or Accrete D3, even though I have to pay for them!

Oh! I missed this post!!!!! So wonderful. We can do it!!! so glad you did. I stayed the same (as I wrote today) but that is huge for me! considering I started deep in osteoporosis and big history of it. Love this post!

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