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Follow-up to Dexascan results and pred query

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He went to GP yesterday - initially student/trainee was only one in room as GP in meeting - asked lots of questions re condition and meds and wy not on AA?

OH replied that he wasn't going to take a drug with potentially evil side effects if there were no indications of need. GPthen cme in and she's happy withe bone situation as dexascan showed bones OK.

However I'm not sure re her recommendation re rate of reducing pred. He's currently on 20mg pd ad she said to reduce by 2.5 mg every 2 - 4 weeks until 10mg then have a review. He said that when he asked re prescription for 1mg tabs later on that he was told not available (hmm - there are numeerous suppliers UK)

Rheumatologist who asssessed him during 3days hospital in Jume unfortunately had climbing accident and died - he hasn't had a follow-up from Rheumatology.

He has spent this morning up and down a ladder sorting out a new, faulty electric light outside the place where he keeps his tractors and motorbikes.

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Hum, hum, hum. No 1mg pred available - lies as well then!!!! Not only numerous suppliers - numerous people on here using them too!!! Except - is he on enteric coated pred? She may not know that there are now 1mg enteric coated pred - only since August 2016:

Ah well, Get him to use DSNS for 2.5mg over at least 4 weeks for a start. The first 2 stages shouldn't be too bad. Then regroup - gives you 2-3 months to see how he gets on.

My rheumy wanted me to reduce 5mg from 20mg after the first three weeks. Total disaster. I found 2.5mg OK though. Just take it slowly.

Really??? 1mg Pred not available??!! I take 1x5mg and 2x1mg Pred Daily.

It’s impossible to do an effective taper without them. The thought of losing my supply makes me feel faintly panicked. I hope they are not from the EU!

Plenty of 1mgs around I've got loads - hubby needs all denominations as he reduces - they didn't put much thought into his 'script did they....Best wishes.

I take the gastro-coated pred in 5, 2.5 and 1mg tablets, as I taper using DSNS!

Good luck - we need it! :-D

I do not think he should be “up a ladder” .....that is not resting!

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Nuff1 in reply to Valnvaughan

Ah but that was his weight bearing activity for bone strength...

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Valnvaughan

If he can do it - that is fine. If he can't - he'll know about it the day after...

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Valnvaughan in reply to PMRpro

I have a nervous attitude to ladders for people over 60. I have two friends who fell, both by over-reaching and suffered long term consequences. One has permanent brain impairment with loss of memory of the past and loss of short term memory. He was a bank manager looking forward to retirement. The other fell whilst decorating and broke bones in his back, causing difficulties for nearly 2 years.

Take care out there.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Valnvaughan

Oh yes - a friend of ours and his wife moved to the south of France - and he fell off a ladder while pruning trees. Completely macerating his elbow. Months of hospital and surgery and rehab. In our book - that's what the professionals are for...

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Nuff1 in reply to PMRpro

My brother-in-law fell off ladder into his hedge, rescued by neighbour - husband's ladder was tied to thepole where the light was.

About a month ago hee was crawling round in acient coppermines for a couple o hours or mor - he DID feel it the day after that. (He was the oldest in the group at 72)

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