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Thank you to everyone for replies and support


I have learnt so much since joining the group, thank you all for sharing your experiences.

I was just going to write about the red blobs and sores that have appeared over last few days but then saw all the replies and that most people get them.

Do you also get tiny little bumps under the skin everyone and everywhere itches like mad?

Back on 20mg and pain is easier, and taking calcium and vitamin D. Was also told about Alendronic Acid, anyone else take that?

I thought the het would help the pain but no you are all right the only thing that does is Pred.

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Check if you actually need AA, many don’t. Request a DEXA scan from doctor to check bones/osteoporosis.

No point in taking an extra tablet with more side effects if you don’t need to.


What other medications are you on?

There are lots of discussion about alendronic acid which you can find by typing alendronic acid into the Search PMRGCAuk box - top right on a computer, no idea on other devices. I think it is fair to say that the consensus is that the view is no - not until I have had a dexascan to see if I really need it now. I've only ever taken 4 tablets before stopping until I had my dexascan which was fine. After over 7 years on pred my bone density had barely changed and is still very much in the "normal" range. You shouldn't take AA or any of its relatives for more than 3 years because of the risk of ong term side effects. If Prolia gets mentioned - that also does not have a clean sheet and I wouldn't start it since you then have to continue or switch to AA after a few years. No simple answers - even if the average doctor would have you believe it!

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You have had the responses to your Alendronic Acid question. As for the raised bumps and itching everywhere, I would see your GP. Your body is protesting about something be it medication, heat, washing powder or something else. There should be something that can help, it is not something that you just put up with, nor is it that typical for our disease. My family traced itches to a biological washing liquid and getting hot in the sheets. Changed brands and problem solved. Good luck!


After you've had your DXA scan get back to us before agreeing to any medications. If results are borderline there's a lot that can be done without resorting to OP meds.

Hope solution to your allergy(?) found soon.


I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. I will get patches of red bumps that itch. To me it looks like hives, though I never had them before. I use hydrocortisone cream to relieve the itching. It comes and goes. You sound like a more severe case. That must be so uncomfortable. I take Alendronate Sodium 70 mg. It is taken to protect your bones against developing Osteoporosis, which can be very debilitating. I take mine weekly. I hope you will find yourself feeling better soon!


Just wanted to add...My mom had severe Osteoporosis due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her skeleton seemed to be collapsing. So not good. I do have Osteopenia (milder form), maybe that is why I was told to take Alendronate Sodium.


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