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Today I saw my orthopaedic surgeon. The bone scan came back ok with the normal degenerative signs of someone my age. However, he was horrified to see how little movement and how much pain I was in when asked to lift my arms. Not even to waist level. The pain on doing so he said was not indicative to frozen shoulder and I am finally being referred to a rheumatologist. However the wait is up to 8. Weeks but he is trying to put it through as an urgent case. I'd like to thank all of you who have followed or advised me so far.

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  • Good to hear something is finally happening for you. Hope you can get an earlier referral.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you x

  • Good Dawnie08, sounds like your OS is on the case!

  • Finally!

  • Dawnie, you're heading in the right direction at last. Let's hope the Orthopaedic Surgeon can pull some strings and get that referral sooner rather than later. Good luck!

  • Know how you feel I have had pmr Since 1/8/13 doctor has recently decided to refere me to see Rhuemy due to pains in both hands. Reduced to 5mgs, but have gone to 7 due to pain Have to wait until 28th June for appointment.



  • Go to an osteopath! Worth every penny it was the best thing ever for my frozen shoulder

  • Hi, as I've lost my jobs due to my inability to do anything or drive and being self employed I'm unable to afford them as much s I need them, but I've been to osteopath, chiropractor and had reflexology and Physio who gave me neck excercises and sent me to hydrotherapy, but its only got worse because they won't allow me to do anymore hydro. I was told you've been shown the exercises so you need to go away and do it yourself. So unless anyone knows of a pool that is very warm and inexpensive around my area and I have someone to help me dress and undress it's hopeless. Local pools are not warm enough and muscles go into spasm if I get cold and shiver as I found out! Thank you for thinking of me x

  • Frozen shoulder is felt to respond very well to Bowen therapy - still the cost factor there but...

  • Hi I looked up the Bowen therapy and spoke to someone yesterday and I have another 2 to speak to. Before I decide where to go. Can you recommend anyone?

  • Depends where you live - I can recommend two in the northeast of England - but I suspect you are not there!!!!!

  • Thank you but Celtic has come back to me with details and a good PMR thirty and lives locally. Thx again X

  • Yes I am the same ,self employed ,you think it's a blessing as you work less and less that you are able to still work .Then you find yourself working to keep the overheads paid in case you become well enough to do a bit and make some much needed money .This illness can be costly .Then you work no matter how much pain ,because you feel you must . Familiar ? I have stopped ,it became impossible and my work was physical .got p/t job on tills in shop . It will have to do,now struggling with the day after because of the standing . Swimming pools ! my god the temperatures are arctic arn't they ,it's absurd for any one never mind us . Whenever I take my grandchildren we stand in the water which is freezing waiting until we acclimatise lol . It's funny watching people ease them selves into the water and stand there stunned . It's like aversion therapy snigger ,The showers at my local pool are soooooooooo hot I cant wait to stand in them after being frozen in the pool .My grand daughter (10) says its warming up Nanna .Nope my love ,that's hypothermia !!! Keep smiling it's hard and this site is a good way to know you are not alone so keep posting .

  • You are so right and it's great to know you're not alone. Seeing GP on Tuesday so want to try and push things along. I get him to refer me for hydrotherapy too. I've also looked at the Bowens therapy and spoke to someone last night. I'll give anything a go!!!! Has anyone had Bowens around or local to the Sunbury area??

  • Dawnie, if you're talking "Sunbury-on-Thames", what a coincidence - I'm around the corner to you in Ashford! And yes I can recommend a good Bowen therapist (as can be confirmed by Tricia who also occasionally posts here if she's 'looking in' at present).

    I will send you a private message with all the contact details for the Bowen therapist.

    Meanwhile, as you are awaiting referral to a rheumatologist, now knowing that you are in the Sunbury area, we can recommend an excellent one in Chertsey - will include his details in the PM.

    Also, if you are eventually diagnosed with PMR, you might be interested to hear that we have a local support group meeting every couple of months in Chertsey. In fact, the Bowen therapist was guest speaker at one of our recent meetings, and, if you are interested, I will be happy to send you a copy of the subsequent newsletter arising from that meeting in which we have given a summary of the technique involved.

    You mentioned hydrotherapy in an earlier post - there is a hydro pool in Twickenham!

    I do hope your appointment with your GP on Tuesday proves helpful.

  • Wow thank you so much for all the fab info. I got the details and yes you are around the corner. In fact I almost walked all the way to ashford last Tuesday as I had an app with a reflexologist who was great!

  • I remember the arms bit so well! Couldn't even lift an empty kettle, as as for brushing my hair......

    It does so depend on getting an empathetic medic on your side in order to find that diagnosis (and it shouldn't). Wishing you well and a speedy appointment - and the right diagnosis and treatment.

    Just to give you some hope if it is PMR - I am now free of PMR and all the drugs. It took three years and a lot of determination on my part (gritting of teeth through pain and making sure I used what movement I had), plus help from a great Rheumy and my spending my redundancy money on private help in the form of counselling, correct type of physio and a nutritionist. I smile every day when I lift my arms, walk well and ride a horse (never, ever thought I'd get back to that level of fitness - OK not exactly where I was pre-PMR, but hey, what's important?!).

    You will get there, but it may take a lot of time, so do take all the advice you can get and ask for help when you are depressed/in pain. If there's a support group near you do join too - we are here to help. They are all listed on the website.

  • Thank you soo much x

  • This story helps ,because it is hard work and I was upset when I relapsed but this site helps cos I see the courage and determination of other sufferers. patsy 69

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