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Tooth extraction while taking alendronic acid

I've had 2 teeth out since starting to take alendronic acid. Both done at the dentists, but the first time my dentist spoke to the local hospital's dental department for advice. I had to take about 12 antibiotic tablets, go home for about an hour, then go back for the extraction. After that I had to take the antibiotics for about a week.

I've got an appointment for a wobbly tooth to be taken out tomorrow so I'm expecting the same again.

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Thank you for posting this. It makes it clear the sort of precautions that need to be taken whilst on Alendronic Acid and invasive dental treatment.

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Good luck with the treatment. I am currently trying to nurse a crown and wobbly tooth back to life but suspect it will be extracted if I go to dentists so hanging on for now. Thanks for info. Not in aa but other immunesuppressant so prob similar outcome.


How strange, in the contect of AA I would have thought that the possibility of the bone around the socket not healing properly was more of a potential problem than infection.


I’m not getting the AA/AB connection either.

AB for infection yes, and I have to have 3 day AB Cover for anything, even hygienist clean (mitral valve).

Don’t get the 12 tablets either (3g?) getting blood levels to therapeutic levels, but over and above that?


Ah well - bet it remains a mystery...


I too had to have a tooth extraction and am taking Alendronic Acid . He wouldn't do it straight away as he wanted to confer with a colleague and do some research. After that he took it out and gave me a mouth wash called Curasept to use daily for two months. He did a quick examination after 2 weeks and four weeks to check it was healing. I was pleased with his caution as my husband has Osteocrenosis of the jaw, a leftover for intensive radiotherapy. He can only have extractions done in hospital and they prefer the teeth to just come out naturally rather than by a procedure. In the current climate around the over use of antibiotics it is a little surprising unless there is some infection present. Hope your gum heals well. Best wishes.


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