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PMR ,Alendronic Acid and tooth extraction



I was diagnosed with PMR shortly after having an hernia operation .Started in the back of my legs ( hamstrings). Went to the doctors who diagnosed strained hamstrings as I cycle race and after the long rest because of the peration . Had a courseof physioto no effect. I was having difficult going upstairs ,finding it almost impossible to put my socks on in the morning .unable to raise my arms by now .finally I was told I had PMR.

Steriods 15mg wow what a relief .that was back in March 16. been trying to taper the dose down but found it hard .no real advice from docs . found this site. lots of useful info on here.

struggling at the moment as just had another hernia op. just before had real bad tooth ache. Dentist wont remove the offending tooth because I`m on AA . Have to wait 6 months .Having had a bone scan last week,told I have ostioperoris of the spine due to steriods i really need to take AA.

Atleast i have managed to get the dose down to 4.5mg thanks to the this site .

Has anyone esle had teeth problems whilst taking AA

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I declined to take it but did have a good DEXA result to support my decision. Necrosis of the jaw was one of the possible side effects that scared me.

They cannot leave you with toothache. Can you seek further advice from an Orthodontist? There must be something they can do. Toothache is miserable and presumably decay is present, lowering your overall health. Can they not give you an anti biotic filling or something like that?


I have had a course of antibiotics which has taken most of the pain away but as the tooth has a crack in iit can`t be filled .Extraction seems to be the only says new bone won`t grow in the cavity left by the removal of the tooth .Been a little depresing last few months what with PMR,hernia pain ,tooth ache and to be told ostio as well

atleast one has been crossed off

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Flrchrs

Think you might need to get a second opinion on tooth extraction. I’m sure it can be done despite being on AA, even if it means it being done as a hospital out-patient rather than at dental surgery.

Can you request referral to Maxillofacial clinic at local hospital?

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Flrchrs

I agree with DL - some dentists won't, others will. Get a referral to a training dental hospital or a maxillofacial surgeon. Have you a dental hospital within reach? Often they will discuss things with you.

I haven't had problems, just lots of back and forth between dentists and endocrinologist who prescribes my AA for osteoporosis. I gave in to the pressure to take it when I was diagnosed with PMR. I needed a crown replaced and my endocrinologist told me to stay off for four months after the procedure. Then I spoke to the physician who did the pioneering studies on AA and he said, what I needed confirmed, that for a crown, a non invasive procedure, it was not necessary to stop.

I think how long you need to wait may have something to do with how long you are on it. If/when I get down to 3mg of Pred. I'll revisit AA. I've been taking Pred 15 months and AA 14 months now. My Dexa has been stable.

I'd had a ten year old implant that got infected and needed pulling the April before I was diagnosed with PMR. I was hoping to have it replaced, but have had to set that aside with the Pred and the AA. Recently had a Cat Scan of head and jaws, to help diagnose TMJ/arthritis. Saw that the bone has not grown back in that area. However, am assured that as long as the skin covering the area is sound, not to worry.

I've only been on AA for 6 months.Prednisone for two two years.think my doctor should have put me on AA before ,only had my first dexamethasone scan last week diagnosed osteoporosis of spine.

Thank you for all the advice on tooth.

I had to have a tooth extracted after being on AA for years - my dentist wouldn't do it herself but referred me to the local hospital. There was no 'wait until'. I was terrified initially, knowing Too Much, and had to pray hard! But it was totally straight forward and hardly bled at all, praise the Lord.

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