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Prescribed Prolia

Just seen the rheumatologist here in Spain for routine check up after bloods and bi-annual dexa scan. T score for L1-4 was -1.5 in 2015 and now -2.1. T score for femur overall in 2015 -2.6, now -2.5. Am currently on 3.75 mg pred for my PMR diagnosed October 2015. I was down to 1.875mg (funny dose I know but lowest dose tablet you can get here is 2.5mg so you have to quarter them!) I had a fall in early December (missed a small step) and fell on my hand, fracturing the head of the 5th metacarpal (little finger knuckle). I was a bit shocked after and PMR symptons reappeared so upped the dose to 5mg for a week but have now reduced as above. The Rheumy felt the fracture was significant - I don't, I went down with quite a thud having missed a step. To cut a long story short he now wants me to have Prolia injection every 6 months. I know this is a different drug but I had a very bad reaction to Aclasta some years ago and am reluctant to put drugs in my body that are there for months. I currently take Vit K2 (MK7 from natto extract) 100mcg daily, Hidroferol (calcifediol) monthly and magnesium.

Has anyone had experience with Prolia?

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Interesting. When I attended a bones clinic at our local hospital they specifically told us that fractures of small bones like fingers and wrists were not significant when evaluating future fracture risk. Anyone could have broken a bone with sufficient force. My son in elementary school had a thumb knuckle broken into three pieces when a basketball hit the digit straight on. I note that your femur t-score has improved. You must be doing something right! But you may want to think about what you can do to stimulate those vertebrae to toughen up. Short of taking an OP med, of course. ;)


If you look at the top right of this page you will see a box with Related Posts. There are at least 2 about Prolia/denosumab.

The fracture isn't really significant - but I do see why a rheumy is worried by the change in spine reading.


You might like to read this:



That's a very interesting read. I've just checked up on my T scores from 2013 and my L1-L4 scores were higher then. I'll continue with my Vit K2 etc and give the Prolia a miss. Thanks for the link


Thanks for posting that. I've been getting kind of worn down by the constant stream of posts from people who are either on these drugs, or considering taking them, or being pressured by their doctors who aren't offering any alternatives. It's so disturbing because although this sort of information is available it just doesn't seem to get through the "noise" of Big Pharma.


Thanks for posting this article.


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