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My Kefir Diary... Astounding results

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I have been brewing my own probiotic coconut water Kefir for just over 3 months.

Being wheat/gluten intolerant, cow diary intolerant, severely soya intolerant, legume, rice, and now gluten-free couscous intolerant and both celery and fennel intolerant... and now shrimp treated with sodium monosulphite, Life is getting very difficult.

Also have been fighting to keep a root canal tooth in mid treatment. It's at the half way stage..

What I have found is that with every attack of poisoning due to eating something inadvertently, which causes this massive inflammation autoimmune response, within hours my improving tooth would become unbearable once more...

However, constantly drinking my kefir would improve the pain and reduce the inflammatory response in my tooth with 24hrs!!

I have repeatedly proved this positive outcome over several occasions.

The last poisoning attack however, proved too much. I elected to go the dentist. The tooth was treated and upon listening to my reports of the benefits of Kefir, my enlightened dentist told me to persist one more time.

The second repeated treatment of the tooth to 'clean it up and put a new dressing insider's, combined with my kefir, has completely healed my tooth. I was originally only given a 10% chance of saving it.

I have waited a few weeks to write this so as not to tempt the wrath of the Tooth Gods!

I can press my tooth, eat macadamia nuts on it and it's as solid as can be and pain free.

Clearly these inflammation attacks due to an impaired gut biome will have extremely negative effects on our teeth amongst other things.

However help is at hand with Kefir.

It's a start and a very good one at that. I wanted to share this good news and encourage Hope in others.

There are many other benefits that I will add in another post, but I particularly wanted to write this one in relation to Teeth.

Poppy the 🐈

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Hi Poppy

I would like to do this, please will you tell me where you bought the grains?

Thank you.

Hi MarlenC,

Are you in the UK?

I bought mine over the internet. When I received them I had to brew them for two weeks to 'activate' them and produced ghastly stuff but drank it nonetheless... After those two weeks they settle down (you have to care for them and feed them organic eggshells as they need calcium)...and now what I brew is delicious. It tastes something like Perry/ champagne!! I have spare grains to get you going immediately if you want them. Do you want to private message me and I can send you my operating instructions that I have put together with illustrative photos?

Am happy to send you some. I can weigh them and let you know the postage. I have sent them second class recorded to my friends and they are fine as they travel well in this cold weather.



Hi poppy, I'm interested in this Kefir water because I also am intolerant to several things - wheat and all forms of gluten, cows milk - so I drink Soya - monosodium glutamate and chestnuts. I also get asthma and hayfever from April through to October. Do you have PMR and has the kefir helped it? My only problem with taking it is that a few years ago I had a bad allergic reaction after eating coconut itself although I've since tolerated small amounts. I have recently started taking probiotic pills because I've just been weaned off prednisolone - I don't think you should have probiotics whilst on steroids and not while on antibiotics but I've heard of Kefir water from others.

Hi, To answer your question, I have been told I do not have PMR, but my symptoms are very fishy...right down to having permanent pain down the side of my tongue, total intolerance to cold, cold liquid, chewing even just brushing my teeth...the resulting neuralgic style nerve pain is eye watering... I have had it in the past on the left of my head, it lasted 2 years...been one year free and now it's on my right side of my head????

Anyway forget that.

Essentially I can see that all our collective autoimmune conditions all come about and all evolve due to a single vital component in our well being that breaks down. It's our gut biome without exception.

For whatever reason, be it antibiotics that are administered without ever giving a second thought to post-antibiotic care on the form of gut biome reseeding...or anything else like pesticides, chemicals or illness that gut biome, our main bastion to our immune system...and everything else unravels and all these conditions we suffer from manifest themselves.

The problem with taking any medication is that there is always a side effect of some kind. Some side effects are easier to live with than others from my own experience.

I personally am making a wholehearted 100% attack on the depleted state of my gut biome and attempting to reseed it with probiotic Kefir.

If you think you may be intolerant of coconut, I am sure there is an alternative form of sugar that is organic.

I do not take corticosteroids. My last antibiotic was last Feb, when it was the last straw that broke the camel's back with me... So I don't know.

Maybe my logic is reverse logic, but if taking an antibiotic that nukes everything in your gut, what is the harm in throwing positive probiotics at it, because when everything has been killed off, 'first come first served' need to positive probiotics to take over the valuable 'real estate' and populate the walls of your gut rather than the nefast Candida albicans who jumps right in and then does not allow any room for probiotics to reseed.

I guess you need to research further for your own specific needs. All I can say is healing, improving, maintaining our gut biome is a new revolution. Check out Dr Michael Mosley. If you can kick start your own immune system to regain its balance you are doing yourself a huge favour. Conventional medicine does not realise the vital importance of the gut for the entire body. Hope what I have said convinces you to investigate further.

I am a total convert!


I have been using kefir for 3 months now. My gastro consultant recommended it as I have ulcerative colitis. I also have PMR and at the moment am taking 4 mg of Prednisolone. I'm feeling no ill affects . I I bought mine from a health shop through Amazon. Just a tablespoon of grains has now become 3 !! I just use semi skimmed milk as I have no intolerances. The consultant said there is lots of research being done that is proving that depleted good gut bacteria, is having a marked effect on all aspects of our health. It can't harm you, so give it a try!! I am less bloated and less windy too!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Poppy_the_cat in reply to York54

Hello York,

Well, well marvelous! I am a total convert. How lucky you are to have an enlightened consult.

I believe as we come equipped with our own illness/ bug busting immune system we must do all we can to help it. Sadly our world today is ever more polluted with serious chemical poisons, pesticides to name just one, which no manner of washing will ever remove them from our vegetables as the skin is not the issue, but the flesh of the fruit as it has grown and developed is saturated with these poisons....and then these vile flame retardants in our sofas, that are known carcinogens as well as thyroid disruptors, every time away sit in them the rubbing and abrasion causes the foam to degrade producing a dust that even Hoover's can't pick up.'s small enough for us to breath in! We are so very challenged that the final straw are the antibiotics we are given with no after care to reseed our gut. It really is as simple as that.

My grains are growing to total take over my fridge too!

I have made an interesting discovery about what to do with your excess grains!

Shall post.

Keep on brewing!

Poppy 🀣x

Just popping in to give Kefir a big thumbs up. I use whole milk. 1 pint a day. It really works on indigestion/acid reflux. seems to stave off many cold bugs (just had first cough/cold in 1 1/2 years) and sure there's more. And it's believed to be helpful in improving your bone density too. This is relative to me of course, but I reckon it's worth a go and is not a huge faff either. :) (PMR 2 1/2 years, currently going from 4 > 4 1/2mg)

Hello Cornwall- one of my most favourite places in the world!

I agree entirely with your words of wisdom.

I am cow dairy intolerant, but strangely enough, I can drink semi skimmed in Spain, France and Italy without any adverse effect. Why my doctor asks... Simple, because we here in the UK sterilise at extremely high temperatures, exterminating everything, even the good bacteria, whereas abroad they sterilise at lower temperatures.

However, I came across a very interesting piece on the internet written by a woman in the US with cow dairy intolerance. She now makes the Kefir with unpasteurised milk and has no problem!! She even makes mozzarella cheese for her daughter who is also pasteurised cow dairy intolerant. They have never looked back...

So sometime this year I will attempt to make Kefir from unpasteurised milk too, once I feel brave enough and better enough!


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