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Antibiotics while taking Pred


Just to say how much I appreciate reading this site every day and feel that at least I am keeping myself as informed as I can and really appreciate all the sound advice and the knowledge that we have folk to turn to who really understand problems and difficulties.

What I would like to ask is that I have just returned from the dentist after a crown has fallen off twice. The dentist feels that I will have to have the tooth removed on Friday and possibly root canal treatment on the adjoining tooth. He also wants to check all the other crowns with the possibility of further work. I've read on this site to check with the pharmacist what antibiotics may be prescribed for me after extracting the tooth. I'm also in the process of tapering from 12mg to 11mg. Is it best to leave it for a while although I'm a bit concerned as not sure how much work on my teeth I need and didn't want to stop the reduction completly. Also between a rock and a hard place as a little pressure from GP to reduce faster which I'm ignoring at the present ( nicely!) Thanks alot for your help.

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Yes, Jackoh, definitely forget about reducing until after the extraction, even until you finish the course of antibiotics. With any luck, you won't need any more work done on the other crowns - I certainly have never had any crowns removed until they've loosened, and even then on occasion it has been possible to just replace with the same crown. Is the dentist looking for work, perhaps?!!! Continue "ignoring" pressure to reduce from the GP, too. Slowly slowly is key to a more successful journey down through the doses. Good luck with the dental work.


Thanks for replying so quickly. Really helps to run these tricky situations through with someone else who has more experience. Thanks a lot.



If you need antibiotics - no QUINOLONES! They can cause achilles problems on their own the risk is far higher with pred as well. I speak from bitter personal experience - "Oh, I'd heard of that but never seen it..." Both the GP and the pharmacist missed it so don't trust anyone!


Again thank you for your advice.



I'm on amoxicillin I take it that is not a quinolone


No. Quinolone names all end with -oxacin. Amoxicillin is a penicillin.

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Thanks PMR pro


I had a dental implant on about 15mgs Pred 2 years ago. It was a doddle and I wish I had dared to do it earlier. My dentists were very blasé about me being on Pred. Xx


That's reassuring. Have been quite concerned about this dental work while on pred. Thanks.


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