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Pain like tooth infection but really bad over left eye and temple

Hi good morning

One and all sorry to say I'm suffering in some pain that seem's to have developed since having very heavy cold flu at first I thought it maybe a tooth infection due to the fact it made my teeth and gums feel tender but I also have a nagging pulling pain around my left eye and it's driving me mental is it by chance be on set of GCA which I'm hoping is not

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Hello, those symptoms after that history sound like sinusitis, though obviously I can’t tell for certain sitting here. Sinusitis can be dry with no obvious mucus blockage or the mucus is so thick it isn’t moving so it feels dry. The frontal sinuses run very close to the teeth so you can get aggravated nerves there. Out of interest to show the close relationship, once when I had an infection in my upper jaw bone, the only pain I had was sinus/eye pain so it went unnoticed. Eye pain is also common and can make when one or both feel like they are popping out. When I used to get raging sinusitis every year I also used to get referred pain in the base of my skull. Of course you are worrying because all these things can be in the symptoms of GCA. When my eyes were starting to go with GCA I had no eye or tooth pain at all, just temple pain, scalp tenderness and jaw claudication.

Have you tried steam inhalations, vapours like menthol, nasal spray (not decongestant which can make a thick sinusitis worse)? I used to find bending over for a minute helped cause them to pop, I guess to get the thick mucus to move a bit. Might be worth betting a doc to have a bit of a prod. You’ll probably get more replies from The Wise Ones. Good luck


Sounds like sinusitis. You can buy a sinus rinse kit from a pharmacy. Worth a try

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OMG thank you all for this topic. I have exactly the same symptoms as Jura1959. Driving my batty. Can't get on top of concern that it might because of fear of GCA.

This is very reassuring. Thanks.

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Hi Jura

Not sure where you are on Pred journey at present, but think it’s more likely to be sinus problems or maybe tension.

But best to get it checked by doctor and get bloods tested just in case. In meantime take SnazzyD’s advice re sinus problems.


I too have severe cheek pain after this flu' and pulsatile tinnitus so feeling relieved that it probably is sinuses. Incidentally, so sorry to jump in rudely on your post but dear Dorset Lady I live near Sherborne and 55 struggling with Steroid Resistant PMR, is there a support group near? I feel so islolated as noone here has even heard of it!!

Clare J


Hi Clare,

There is a Salisbury group which meet up at Wilton Shopping Centre (not sure how long a journey that would be). There’s also a Christchurch one which meets at Haskins Garden Centre near Longham (not all that far from Bournemouth Airport.).

Both are quite informal, and the Salisbury one meets every 2 months, Christchurch one about every 3 months.

There’s are also ones at Bath and Taunton, never been to them.

Have a look at attached pmrgca.co.uk/groups/

Maybe see you at one in the future.


On what grounds is it being defined as "steroid resistant PMR"?


Hi Dorsetlady

Has far has the pred is in volved back I Jan 2017 I was put on 15mg on a reducing scale down to 10mg then to reduce by 1mg every 4 weeks.

I got to not taking any but inflammation markers started to rise so put back on some program


Hi again Jura,

To be completely off Pred within a year is very quick- most on here will say too quick!

Whatever dose you’re on now it doesn’t sound as if it’s emough to cope with your underlying PMR and the recent flu/heavy cold you’ve had.

Think you need to get bloods done again and discuss situation with doctor. If the problems mainly due to cold/flu you may be okay in a week or two, but if it were me I’d be down the surgery just to make sure!


Have got doctor's appointment on Friday because have had this flu/cold upset tummy well before Christmas

Have been put on antibiotics has also saw him yesterday

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No way we can tell but it could be and you need to get those symptoms checked out.

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Jura 1959

Having now seen doctor about my problems stated in last post I'm now on 30mg of pred and awaiting emergency appointment to see specialist has a precaution I qoute my gp.

Not really sure he has any idea.


But better safe than sorry


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