Wishing everybody a happy Xmas (whatever your faith or none) and a good New Year

I haven't replied to many of the xmas wishes posts as it would have doubled the time I spend on here anyway - I've been saving them up to reply here!

People have come and people have gone - but the forum and the community are still here. Long may that last!

Happy Xmas and "Ein guten rutsch ins 2018!" (the new year greating here: a good slide into the new year)

Greetings from a very sunny and white Christmas Day at my home in Italy - with temperatures down here in the valley of -10C overnight while on the mountains at 2000m it was/is +5C and above!

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  • Ditto and keep warm 🎄

  • Bless you all for the gifts of your advice and community over the last six month since my diagnosis. Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you for the advice and knowledge over the years. Hope you enjoy your holiday. David

  • Not on holiday - I live here :-)

  • even better!

  • You took the words out of my mouth!!!!!

  • Thanks for everything! Hope you have a lovely time. Xx

  • Not on holiday - I live here :-)

  • Did you hear that Santa has a new reindeer? Sadly, her two left legs are shorter than her two right legs. What's her name?


    Merry Christmas PMRpro and thank you for all you do for us.

  • Even though you are younger than me you feel like the wise Auntie ( Often not your real Auntie) who is always there when you need advice. Have a lovely Xmas. Jen.

  • Happy Christmas to you too. 🎄 🎅⛄

  • Merry Christmas to you as well, I am so grateful for for all the info and encouragement I have received on this site. I am truly blessed!

  • Happy Christmas PMRpro, and thanking you for your invaluable help these past 3years.

    Pete 🙂

  • And a healthier new year to you too, PMRpro! 💖


  • Lang may yer lum reek!!

  • Aye right enough!!

  • Happy Hogmanay, May. Hope you and your husband are both continuing to do better. All good wishes for 2018.

    And that goes for all the rest of 'Us Lot' too.

  • Thanks BonnyQuine. Good luck to you and yours for 2018!

  • Just thank you 🍷

  • Abundant returns!

    You are a guiding light for many of us.


  • PMRpro. THankyou THankyou THankyou! May 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your family x.

  • Hi fellow Auntie,

    Hope you and David have a peaceful and healthy 2018.

    Thanks for your help and friendship over the years - look forward to many more.

  • Happy Christmas PMRpro, thanks for all the time you put into this site.you are amazing .

  • A great big thank you for your help Pmrpro and a very merry Christmas and best wishes, good health and happiness for 2018!

  • Never had an Auntie like you PMR pro. Thank you for all your wisdom & hard work on this forum. Hope 2018 brings good health & happiness to you.

  • PMRpro

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help through the years. Many of us would not have survived without you and this forum. As we approach the new year I say a prayer for all of us. We are still the forgotten but less than five years ago. from me to you who have listened to me and advised me to the best of your ability I am eternally grateful. Thank you From the bottom of my heart. Marilyn

  • Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.


  • Thank you sincerely for taking time to help so many others with this challenging condition and it’s management. I hope you, your family and loved ones have a loving, peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas and very special new year.

    Margaret x

  • I echo everything everyone else has said. Very grateful thanks to you for all your help and wisdom and continued sharing of your own experience with this wretched disease. You cannot know how incredibly helpful you are to those of us plodding along wondering so often “ what on earth is going on with me?”. The same is so true with Dorset Lady. We are so lucky to have you both to help us struggle through our dilemmas. All very good wishes to you both for a healthy 2018.

  • I've had the lovely Christmas ham and accoutrements with my folks today, but am also looking forward to trying the raclette you talked about. I have found a restaurant here in New Orleans via google, called The Melting Pot, that has quite a similar fare. Can't wait to try it! Thank you for all your advice. Have a blessed New Year!

  • The Melting Pot is mainly fondue isn't it? I love that too. The lovely thing about both is that you sit around a table together and help yourself and chat while you are doing it. And you can eat as much or as little as you like.

  • A happy Christmas and peaceful, healthy New Year to you too. Thank you for giving up an incredible amount of time to serve tirelessly on this forum . You give such a lot of helpful advice and encouragement, even when times have been really tough for you. Thank you, doesn't really sum it up because it's really more than that and is really inadequate to the amount of help you give. Best wishes for 2018. Jackie x

  • Thanks for that PMR Pro and to you too. Thanks also for your help always

  • A day late...surprised that I didn't 'log in' yesterday.Out celebrating. Nevertheless, the wishes are warm. May 2018 be good, happy and filled with much hope, for you and David. You are 1 of a kind. Fount of knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help on my GCA journey.

    'Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves'.

  • Bless you, PMRpro! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Ah hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day , wishing you a peaceful and happy New Year.... and thank you for all of your help, invaluable advice and time . I have flitted in and out , over the past five years , and know you’re marvellous and we’re quite blessed to have you.

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