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Happy New Year, resolutions, or not, and tapering

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Happy New Year everyone and here's hoping that 2019 will bring better health for everyone. I've been running through, and discarding new resolutions in my head. I've decided to try to stick with serenity prayer for now - the serenity to accept the the things I can, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference! Not sure how well I can do this though as I've already set my sights on getting down to 10mg as soon as I can. I've just started my next taper, from 11 to 10.5 and I'm trying to go a bit faster. I'm using a shortened version of the DSNS so I will go down over 2 weeks and then, all being well stay there for a week before starting on the way down to 10

Taking the amitriptyline for my Fibromyalgia has helped a lot and i have more energy than I had. Just after Christmas I walked half a mile down our road to visit a neighbour without any problems, coming back up was a bit more of a problem but just a few months ago i would have struggled to walk quarter of a mile without resting. I'm beginning to wonder if the PMR is getting better too. Is it something that gets better slowly? I've probably had it for at least two years so I suppose it's possible and I'll find out as I taper.

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I don’t know whether your PMR is getting better - but I would say it’s well controlled at the moment. That’s not the same thing, but at least it’s a positive outlook.

Long may it continue.

Thank you for that

Good for you to be able to walk like that. Maybe that does mean you are getting better. We can always hope. I love the serenity prayer and say it all the time. I am not quite able to be the world changer I used to be but I kind of enjoy sitting back and letting others carry the load. Don't know how I'll be when I'm well or what my new normal will be then. Happy New Year 🎉

Happy New Year to you too

That all sounds very positive. I like the Serenity Prayer too. I need to remind myself of it, so thank you. Good luck with your taper! Don’t be in too much of a hurry.

That is a lovely prayer ,something that can inspire us all ,l wish you a new year of happiness and better health xx.

Thank you for that message, so important to remember not to feel we are in control of everything, or even much of anything, to accept with equanimity. Great that you are walking! My Internist (GP) won't let me take amitriptyline for fibro and neuropathy, because she is mortally afraid of my gaining weight! All the best for a healthy and serene 2019!

In general I have lost weight, through dieting, since starting on the pred nearly two years ago but I've found it much harder to do since I've been on amitriptyline, I've put on at least 3lb over Christmas and just hope I can get rid of it without too much trouble! The amitryptaline felt like a miracle to me and worked instantly. I think my fibro is quite mild though but I've probably had it for years. The combination of that and PMR practically knocked me out!

Happy New Year to you too

Well done on your walking. It is controlled PMR at the correct dose. I believe the collective wisdom of forumites is to SLOW DOWN reductions of Pred at below 10mg.......so don’t ‘speed it up’.

Best of luck. I’m 3&1/2 years with PMR been down to 2mg recently but Christmas stress and fall so have returned to 5mg. Listen to your body.


Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to get better at listening to my body and I'm not intending to go too fast. I think it will be a question of trial and error. My intention at the moment is to drop .5mg over 3 weeks rather than a month but I'll have to see how it goes.

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