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Happy New Year and suitable exercise video information.

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I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2020. My photo is of myself( the moon faced one😩) and my daughter sitting opposite me, with my sister and two nieces. We have just returned from a 3 day break at a health spa and had a wonderful time.

I was delighted to be able to do the gentle Pilates, yoga and stretch classes and feel better for it , so I’ve found an nhs website that shows a lot of exercise programmes. If your interested , google NHS studio and you’ll find a plethora of suitable classes .

I also rediscovered the fun of hoopla hooping! I was surprised to find it didn’t hurt any of my sore bits ( unlike walking and swimming) and I managed to get my heart rate up so I think I was burning a few calories too!

So 2020 will hopefully find me joining in NHS studio videos and using my new hoopla hoop. That’s the intention, anyway 😬🥳

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Sounds like you had a great time! Happy New Year to you too. X

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I cant see any moon faces. I look like moonface out of the magic faraway tree!! I was looking at photos yesterday that my mum sent down and found loads of photos where my face is normal but which i hated when they were taken. I love them now!!

Absolutely love it , what a great gift for us all , I have used the exercise videos and tasters on the NHS and it's definitely worth adding to our Resolution List for 2020 .

Also love Hula Hooping , just not very good at it at present but hope springs eternal that my old hoop skills return after my Health improves . You are proof of the Fun that can be had with activity that we don't always think of as exercise.

Trying to spot the lady with the Moon Face but all I can see is a lot of lovely bright eyed ladies whom seem to be glowing after a break at the Spa.

Keep enjoying yourself through 2020 it seems to be doing you the World of good , take care , Bee xx

Silly me - hula not hoopla🙄. I’d definitely recommend it , everyone!

Have you treated yourself to a weighted one to use after New Year ?

I have one that pulls apart and fits in a small bag . I used to do it every week until my recent non GCA related heart issues.

Circus skills activities are great for general exercise and balance and so much fun. I'm going to have to search my photo archive now to see if I can find the photo of me using a fire hoop . Definitely not for me to try at the moment but I have the ambition to use one again some day as I reach better Health in the future.

Good luck with it all. Xxx

Look forward to seeing you with a fire hoop! No I didn’t get a weighted one - slowly does it ....

If that's what you call a moon face many on here will be jealous.😂

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HeronNS in reply to Constance13

What I was thinking. ;)

Lovely picture. Thanks for info about exercises - a bit of a poke for me to get back up to speed with advent of new year!

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katiemills in reply to HeronNS

Do have a look at the website - i think it could be helpful . Xx

Lovely photo katiemills. Happy New Year. Lovely face!

Happy New Year Katie 🥂🥳

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