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More about the shingles vaccine and its downsides

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I have posted before about the shingles vaccine listing PMR as a possible adverse event.

Today I found this gem to add to it:

Read right to the bottom of the page. Nothing would induce me to have it!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Very interesting! Thanks.

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Thanks for that!

This might be old info but I will throw it in; If you google University of Colorado and shingles and GCA there is info on research in this area.

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Staplehurst in reply to Hidden

Hidden, you can google it like I did

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Hidden in reply to Staplehurst

Hidden means they are no longer members. 🌻

Thanks for that, makes me even more inclined NOT to have the jab, my rheumatologist laughed when I said that I had read somewhere that because it was a live virus those suffering with PMR should not have the vaccine. :-( :-) and that was three 2 years ago. I hope sods law doesn't come into play here :-(

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Pastit

Not so much the PMR but the pred used to treat it. But the blurb does suggest that the PMR doses are OK - but GCA ones are definitely not with 20mg formng the dividing line.

Doesn't alter the fact that I'm left to wonder where some rheumies aquire their knowledge...

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Pastit in reply to PMRpro

OK thank for clarification :-)

Your last comment, me too!! :-(

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CT-5012 in reply to Pastit

Me too. PMRpro's last comment that is. 😟

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isabella2015 in reply to Pastit

me to from what Ive read here, and gps from what Ive experienced!!

I told my husband he couldn't have the shingles vaccine because I've never had chicken pox. Perhaps he dodged a bullet too. :)

Just saw this posted on FB:

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Soraya_PMR in reply to HeronNS


Not yet cleared for Europe. And limited long term studies. But sounds feasible for immunocompromised.

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HeronNS in reply to Soraya_PMR

No doubt the down sides will become apparent over time. This article gives a good overview:

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yogabonnie in reply to HeronNS

I think Shingles has become terrifically present in the US because we vaccinate children for chicken pox and no one is exposed (like a booster) to children with chicken pox. ... and in the US more and more young people under 50 are getting it. Still not sure about this vaccination certainly won't have it while I have PMR

Thank you so much for sharing this info on the shingles vaccine. I would have been eligible for the vaccine next year and had intended having it. Since I have cardiomyopathy and have suffered congestive heart failure twice I wouldn’t now touch it with a barge pole. Thank you so much.


Many thanks for that, very interesting. Sounds much better than what is currently available here in Europe. Wouldn't have helped my son, he had shingles the day after his 12th birthday but didn't have any neuralgia afterwards . Doc said he was far too young to have shingles but that's what it is, no doubt about it. Freak? 😂

This is all getting very scary!

I had the shingles vaccine in December 2012. PMR was diagnosed in March 2014. According to the physician who diagnosed PMR, I may have had it since 2006 based on major unresolved lag issues. So the vaccine may not have been the culprit.

What's next...concern with flu vaccine?!?!?!

I guess what scares me the most is that all the vaccine naysayers have not been totally off the mark.

That is really interesting information. I had the shingles vaccine in April this year and afterwards I felt "not myself" in a non specific sort of way. Eventually I was diagnosed with PMR at the end of August.

I have been reading this forum since then and have found it very very helpful as my GP tells me nothing.

As posted before. I had shingles three times after the shot and I never had shingles before. In fact I was extremely healthy. After the shot I developed shingles, Grover's Disease, Trocanteric hip bursitis and PMR (which I always blamed on the shot) Incidentally I have read that some consider Grover's Disease to be an autoimmune disease as PMR is. I firmly believe that the shot damaged my immune system and my Immunologist said a perfectly healthy person should not have the shot.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Robinre

"my Immunologist said a perfectly healthy person should not have the shot"

Says it all really doesn't it - and I'd trust an immunologist before I'd trust Big Pharma out to make money...

I had the shingles vaccine a year ago...probably too long ago to blame on my PMR but once again... thank you for this information. In US they advertise on TV all the prescription drugs and say ASK your doctor!!! you too might want to play with your grandchildren in the idyllic country side doc has said people have come in asking for a drug they absolutely do not need because of ads.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to yogabonnie

Mercifully they aren't allowed to advertise directly to the patients in the UK - just the doctors. Who occasionally can be as gullible as patients...

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yogabonnie in reply to PMRpro

you should see the viagra ads !! haha SPARE US!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to yogabonnie

I hate to think! But it has just been approved for OTC sales in the UK. Heaven help us if that's their priority...

The 2nd link doesn’t open for me. Can you copy and paste the pertinent parts, or give enough info that a google search will bring it up? Maybe it’s not available in America?

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Me neither - but that is something that oten happens over time, especially if it is a subject that reflects badly on manufacturers!

It's so long ago I can't remember which aspect it referred to. Might be something in this article?


is probably worst case scenario - they are chasing lawsuits - but no smoke without fire maybe?

REmember - this all refers to Zostavax, not Shingrix

The second link has been taken down. Thanks though.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Blossom20

They both worked for me just 3 minutes ago. Maybe try again.

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