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Can a foot stress fracture be caused by PMR- weakened muscles?

I've developed a pain on the side of my foot, it started as mild pain and is now quite bothersome as it hurts even when I'm resting.

I've read that these fractures can happen to when there is an increase in sports training and the muscles in the foot do not have the strength and endurance needed to cope with the increased activity levels and are unable to provide the support needed to the foot bones. I haven't increased my activity so I'm wondering if PMR - weakened muscles can cause a stress fracture. A year ago, I had an insufficiency fracture of the pelvis due to a vitamin D defficiency but the last time I checked it had increased to optimum levels.Could it be that I've developed osteoporosis from the Prednisone..

I'm going to try and get the GP to order an x-ray on Monday but I'm pretty sure what it is because years ago, I stubbed my little toe and broke my 5th metatarsal on the same foot and this feels the same.

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They happen even without being on pred - and really quite easily judging by the two my husband managed years ago! And the second was in exactly the same place as the first! Which as the consultant said- doesn't happen!

Why is it always at the weekend! Keep of it in the meantime!!

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Poor you Gaijin!

I bet you are right on all counts. I bet that is what has happened. I hope it isn't Osteoporosis. You'll need a stick to save it for now. Let us know the outcome. Get your feet up!


Thank you, Jane. I absolutely hate going to the GP .I didn't even have one till I was diagnosed with PMR . I should request a switch to see if they can assign a new one that hopefully would show a bit of interest, if not, what's the point?..I get all the medical info I need on the PMR/ GCA forums and Google. I will get the crutch out..hadn't thought of it as I have been resting to recuperate from a trip to Mallorca to visit a daughter. There were a few very stressful events there so I thought, better safe than sorry and have been resting..if it weren't for the pain in my foot, I feel really well as far as my PMR, surprisingly.

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It's good to hear that in general you are doing well.

I seldom come away from the GP thinking that was worthwhile.

I am visiting my daughters in Australia in January. On one level I dread it. Families can be stressful, I can annoy without trying at all. Wish I could just sneak in and see my 4 fabulous grandchildren.


I relate to that so much, Jane😂.

I'm glad you'll get to see all your grandkids ..Theo and the other three will be delighted to see their grandma!


It may be worth going to a minor injuries unit or even A&E as then you would get an X Ray at the same time and get the problem sorted more urgently. They may be able to give you some pain relief as well. I had a similar problem and fell whilst hobbling around, luckily I didn't break anything. Good luck.


Thank you Sallyaches, that is a good idea..I when I broke my previous last year in two places, I went to the A&E , They told me that the pain was from PMR and that I was"low "on analgisia,!! But it's a worth a try, this time it's not nearly as painful or important. I'll go tomorrow and will post .


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