Can stress have an impact on pmr symptoms

I was just wondering if stressful situations can have any impact on recovering from a flare. Things have been a bit crazy here over the last week (such is life) so I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to counteract them. My flare (due to overdoing things) hasn't worsened, but hasn't improved much either, but it only kicked in about 10 days ago. I'm guessing that I'll just have to be extra careful and take things as easy as possible.

Another quick question, my gp has put me on calceos tablets twice a day to protect my bones, but I have noticed that my muscle pain has been a lot worse since taking them. I have read somewhere that too much D3 can cause problems.

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  • Are you taking the calcium tablets at the same time as the pred? If so you may be reducing the absorption of the pred. It is recommended at least of couple of hours should be allowed in between taking the two.

  • I take pred with breakfast, usually by 8.30, then take the calcium mid morning, say 11ish, then again around teatime.

  • Try to leave longer between - 3 to 4 hours is often suggested. And remember to take them with a small amount of fat - even the milk in coffee or tea is enough as long as it isn't skim milk. In case anyone didn't know - even though skimmed milk has slightly MORE calcium than real milk, you absorb LESS because there isn't any fat to transport it!

    As for stress - emigrate if that's what it needs to avoid stress!!!!

  • Hahahaha, emigration is out if the question - my husband suggests we maybe relocate to the moon ;) Thank you for the advice regarding taking the calcium with fat, I will definitely do that. I'm so grateful for all the advice I receive from you and other members of this forum PMRpro - to know that there are others out there who know EXACTLY what I'm going through is a great comfort.

  • You'll get an awful lot of people telling you that PMR loves stress. Doesn't matter what kind of stress, it will bite harder and harder the more stressed out you get. You have really answered your own question - take it easy and avoid stress as far as possible. It would be wonderful if we could all avoid stress altogether, but life just isn't that kind.

    The calcium and vit D tablets are - or should be - handed out with the steroids. They are necessary as steroids can leach calcium from bones and the vit D is also necessary because the calcium can't be absorbed without it.

    It's unlikely that they are giving you too much D, many of us have been found to be D deficient (and that's in general leaving out PMR). We are all supposed to have vit D levels tested, but sadly that just doesn't happen as it should. You can always request a vit D test although you might have to push for it.

    Pred should be taken separately from the calcium tabs - we usually say Pred for breakfast and calcium for lunch and tea. Calcium inhibits the Pred absorbtion.

    Look after yourself, do as little as is possible and I hope your flare resolves soon.

  • Thank you polkadotcom. I take my pred at breakfast time and the calceos around 11 and again at teatime, so all good there. As you said it's pretty impossible to avoid stress - this week has just been particularly trying and I have wound up n bed feeling 'beaten' :( but I know things will improve :)

  • Oh Thank you, once again, polkadotcom xoxo Stress really seems to affect me. I try so hard to stay calm and get the"guilt and fears" in remission, but being a grandma, mother, and wife seems to always produce some type of stress. Funny, I have always been told, "take care of yourself first and then you will be good for others. I got that mixed up and here I am with GCA and flare-ups when the stress overtakes. I am thankful God knows our limits because I could be a real basket case!!! Thank you for sharing about 'staying in touch' with friends. It is so much easier to hibernate, but the outcome sounds lonely. I will continue to 'push' and go out some or even talk on the phone. (with a positive attitude:x) Thanks so much guys for all your messages! I for one really appreciate each and everyone!!!

  • Hello grannma.. So sorry that you are going through this stress . This is the problem with today's world , everyone is so busy .. I have been as good as housebound for a few months now with lots of problems this year but starting off with a big PMR flare up at the end of February with other hiccups following behind .. I am waiting on injections done by x/ray which I was hoping would have happened by now and that alone is stressful..I'm trying to stay calm and say to myself " what's to be will be", but this condition DOES Like stress. I have been mainly living upstairs for a few weeks as my pain level was so awful I struggled to get on to my stairlift . Every night I have been planning the next day hoping that I would wake up next morning and get back on with my life and everything would be back to normal . I like what you say about being positive and staying close to friends especially on the telephone..I have friends who stay close and try and understand and other friends who maybe think I give in to it and should GET UP and go out , I wish they knew my pain and exhaustion .. I have spent the last Decade saying SORRY for having PMR and not being able to do what I used to. Please don't push yourself too hard .. This last episode had made me be kinder to myself even if I don't get downstairs until late morning .Does it really matter if the jobs have to wait? What does upset me is that I maybe messing up my partners day and he can't get on and do what he wants to do but he understands the condition more now and looks after me well. Wishing you less stress and God Bless trish29

  • Thank you all for the information re stress. I have just been on a two week holiday in lovely weather to Dorset. Walking the dog, eating reading and craft things as well as chatting to friends over a coffee or ice cream. Getting ready to come home though, back comes the pain and exhausted today. Hey Ho, but telling myself to take it easy. The jobs just have to wait....

    Also thank you for the Preds /calcium advice. Will do that. I also decided to tale the Allo Vera juice as in Kate Gilbert's book. Anything to get better wishes to,you all.

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