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Dead Slow and Nearly Stop Spreadsheet

Don't know if anyone is interested, but I have prepared a simple spreadsheet, which follows my interpretation of the DSaNS method of reducing steroids. You just plug in the start date (UK format), starting dose and reduction rate, and it should give you your daily dose for 15 weeks. I have left the days of the week to Day1, Day2... to allow for different religious calendars, but you can edit that part. On a 1mg reduction rate, that will reduce your steroids by 2mg over the 15 weeks. It worked for me, until an idiot in my surgery interfered with blood test results required by my Rheumy, and caused a total relapse, so here I am back on 10mg attempting to reduce again.

Anyway, that's why I prepared the sheet, so, does anyone know if there is a way of posting it on this forum?

Not feeling too good today, but always hopeful.


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Well done Richard!

One of our friends on here ( name escapes me, sorry,) designed a similar idea. If your mind is that way inclined then super!

I imagine mine would look a bit messy with all my intuitive pussy footing around a difficult dose goal.

Can't answer the posting question, I can't even post a photograph of myself using the iPad. There are techies on here, hopefully they will turn up to help.


Thanks for your comment, I've just done another copy but for our USA members, with their date format. Going over soon for Thanksgiving with our family in Georgia. Hope I don't get a relapse over there.


Oh dear! family and an event! I would take an emergency supply of Pred. In case I needed a little boost here and there. You'll need to explain your need at times for rest and quiet. Be prepared for " But you don't look ill" comments. We don't and we are!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks Jane


Hi Richard

Not sure that you can if it’s an excel spreadsheet. That’s why I always say if anyone wants a copy of mine they need to send me their email address - in a private message obviously, not on open forum.

As Jane says, someone else is doing a similar thing - think it’s Julian_J. But I could be wrong.

Hope you soon feel better.


Thanks DL, silly me, I should have asked first if anyone else had done it, but it kept me out of trouble for an hour or two. Thanks for good wishes. After two and a half years, I was down to 3mg, before my GP surgery messed up detailed instructions from my Rheumy - result, relapse, do not pass go, start over. Very annoying. I'm now back on 9mg and finding it hard. Still chin up, Christmas is coming!


No need to apologise - people won't always have seen the other offerings.

Honestly - you'd think it was rocket science sometimes the way GP surgeries get their underwear in a knot wouldn't you!!!!!!


Amen to that



Hi Richard... that’s great for me.. have sent you a message..hope that’s ok and that today is a better day for you.


Nice of you to mention it, but today has to be on the up, because at present I feel like a bulldog sucking a wasp. Have replied to your message.

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