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Doctors Can Be Good (2)

Hello All

I read with envy of those people who have a GP or Rheumatologist who understands PMR and the sometimes necessary convoluted journey on steroids.

I was recently referred to a surgeon by a GP in my practice for an ingrowing toe nail (I didn't think it was ingrowing). When I saw the surgeon he said he would not operate as it wasn't ingrowing.'

The experience has hardly improved my faith in my GP surgery!!!

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Hi Val,

Proper waste of time. Perhaps a Chiropodist could make it more comfortable and better to look at. They won't touch ingrowing toenails and you have it on good authority that it isn't - sigh. We really ( I am told) have to take care of our feet especially as we get on in years. Do you think it's PMR related?


Hi SJ,

More likely to be age related! What isn't 🤔.



Your surgery may refer you to podiatrist/chiropodist if you have a problem toenail - but probablyunlikely unless you are diabetic. So find a local one and pay - worth it.

My late hubby had diabetes, but used to see someone privately, easier and more regularly, and when I lost my sight I decided it might be a good idea for someone else to sort my toenails out!

I still have treatments every 6 weeks, she gives a lovely foot massage and well worth the money.

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I had horrible pain due to an ingrowing toenail. A thirty five pound appointment with a chiropodist and everything was roses again. My mother was sent to a surgeon with hers who decided to remove the nail and then cocked it up, he had a second go. In the end she went to a podiatrist privately who sorted her out.


Thank you for your replies.

I have a fungal infection on my toenail which is painless.

What I wanted to point out on my post was that the two GPs who saw it both said it was ingrowing. Hardly increases your faith in their diagnostic abilities, does it?!!!!

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Why would you operate on an ingrowing toenail? You start with a referral to a chiropodist...

So never mind whether they could diagnose it or not - they didn't know the appropriate path. No wonder the hospitals are overloaded when they can't do their job properly.

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