Auto accident

On 8/30 my husband and I were hit head o by an impaired driver and are still in hospital. He has 5 broken ribs and a fractured sternum. I fractured C2 vertebrae and because of a dye allergy I had to be pre treated with large doses of hydrocortisone. Wonder what this is going to do to my PMR. Had just started on 15mg of prednisone and after 1 day of extreme fatigue commented to my husband I felt good

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  • Dear barbthy

    So sorry to hear this - what an awful shock for you both. I'm sure everyone here will be keeping their fingers crossed for you. Please keep us posted on your progress, and wishing you a full recovery.


  • Oh - you both needed that like a hole in the head.

    I am an agnostic, but will just send up a plea to all of that others believe in that you both recover well and soon.

    Someone will know if that dose of hydro-cortisone might have knocked PMR out for the count.

    As Dorset Lady says, I have everything crossed, except eyes, never could do that.

  • Ouch - how very unpleasant, distressing and painful. I assume you mean impaired through illegal consumption of something? Drunk/drugged drivers should be summarily shot IMHO - and I gather that some countries are upping the ante and they can be charged with murder. High time.

    The HC will have boosted the pred effect so at present you are probably not too bad?????? But any sort of stress doesn't do PMR any good at all whether it is from trauma, illness or emotional and you now tick all 3 boxes there.

    How are you feeling at present?

  • Sore and week but was able to walk in corridor with Help. Seems everyday there is s new problem. Now they have found a pneumothorax in my lung. An air leak. All I can do is one day at a time. Thank you all for caring

  • I diagnosed a spontaneous pneumothorax in one of my nursing students once! Not sure who was more surprised - him or me when the A&E department agreed!

    You do have a good reason for having one - hope it all sorts itself out very quickly. Hope it is a little one that goes away on its own xxx

  • Prayers for a complete recovery🙏🏻

  • How awful!! Praying for full recovery. Let us know how you get on x

  • I am an agnostic as well, but appeal to all things that move and shake us to make you and your husband's recovery quick and complete!

    All the best - and some spring cheer from New Zealand.

    (a rose from my garden)

  • Super Star?

  • Looks like it. I inherited it when I bought the house. It survives and puts on a good show, in spite of my indifference!!

  • Wishing you both a speedy and complete recovery. 🌺

  • So sorry to hear of your accident as if having PMR and it's effects isn't enough. I hope you and your husband have a quick recovery. Like all our fellow sufferers our thoughts are with you. Good luck.

  • So sorry to hear of this. Its a rotten thing to happen. Know that we wish you a good recovery. Take care

  • How hard for you both. Sending a gentle hug. I care.

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